Plant of the Moment – The Magic of Maples

mixed Maples at Chelsea Flower Show 33

There are masses of different maple and Acer trees but most will immediately think of those delightful Japanese maples.
Maples or Acers look at their best this month and again in the autumn when they develop such colourful leaf colour.
The Japanese maples and Acers are especially suited to growing in large containers.
We have a great choice of maple trees and there is certainly an acer tree suitable for every garden!
During April maple trees come into leaf and it is primarily for their gorgeous leaves that we grow these great garden trees!
Come in and talk maples with us but here’s a bit more info first!

BBC Our Community Space Celebratory Garden


Alan Down

BBC 2 Gardeners World is 50 this year and BBC 1 Points West is 60! To mark this occasion the BBC plan to help a community in the BBC Radio Bristol area to create a community space!
The Bristol made productions are asking for nominations from individuals, groups, or organisations who want to transform a small community area to bring it to life.
Our owner, Alan Down, has been helping a team at the BBC to achieve this and entries are now open for local communities to submit their plans for consideration.
Alan will be one of the panel who will select a project to be built this summer.
Alan joins Gardeners World presenters Joe Swift and Flo Headlam, Points West presenter Alex Lovell, Jo Doherty from Avon Wildlife Trust and BBC executives on the selection panel.

When nominating, communities should have an idea in mind of what their finished space will look like and should be committed to the long-term preservation of the site. Nominations must be submitted by Sunday 26 March 2017 by emailing –

The transformation will take place throughout the summer of 2017 will be featured on BBC Points West, Gardeners’ World and BBC Local Radio.

Full terms and conditions can be found here

Plant of the Moment – Camellias


Camellia Lady Vansittart79

Camellia bring much needed colour to the garden in spring!
February’s “Plants of the Moment” were these beautiful evergreen shrubs called Camellias but frankly they were a little bit late to bloom this year.
Set against those glossy dark green leaves you can have the softest pink, deepest red or purest white flowers on your Camellia plants. Many camellias are double flowered, some anemone and others single bloomed.
Camellias looks as if they would be tender and damaged by frost. But choosing the correct site to grow them makes all the difference.
Camellias are very shade tolerant and do well under large trees. They prefer soil without too much lime in it but will grow in most situations in our locality.
Camellia plants are superb plants to grow in large containers or wooden half barrels. Whether in the border or container be sure to add plenty of Ericaceous compost.

Chelsea Fringe in Bristol 2016 – Pickuppollinators

Chelsea Fringe, chelsea, pickup, bees, cleeve, nursery

Last year’s Planted Pickup Truck to help bees looks so great that we have decided to make it a part of Chelsea Fringe again! It is on show in our car park at Cleeve Nursery now and will remain there all summer.

Take a look at it and perhaps take a few tips on what plants we have used to help bees and pollinating insects. Perhaps you could include some more of them in your garden?

Find out more about how you can help bees in your garden here.


News – Plastic Pot Recycling


recycle, old pots fro new, cleeve nursery, plastic, bristol
Plastic Pot Re-cycling
Plant Pot Recycling Plant pot recycling is important to us and one of the services that we provide to be more sustainable as a local business is plastic pot recycling. Here is a 44 ft truck load we sent off in that last week of September 2014.
We now sell an exciting and novel range of garden goods made from recycled plastic pots and containers. These are from a company called A Short Walk. Labels, bird feeders, propagators, chalk boards, clocks and seed cells – useful gifts for gardeners here!

News – Old Tool Recycling


Old and unwanted tools are refurbished and given to worthy causes.
Bring tools to us – no electric tools, saws or secateurs please – and we will get them off to a local school where they will be refurbished for schools and communities to use! We are currently looking for suitable recipients for these refurbished tools so if you know of a group or school who would benefit do let us know!

BBC1 ‘People Power’ filming


BBC1, Hairy Biker, Dave Meyers, Mark Millar, Felicity Down
We recently helped transform a couple of community areas in Easton, Bristol for a new BBC1 TV series.
We supplied plants, materials, knowledge and volunteers to tidy up and make safe a section of the fantastic adventure playground that is in Easton.
But the main project was at the Baggator Youth Centre, also in Easton, where we helped Incredible Edible Bristol and others totally transform a jungle area into a garden filled with edible plants.
 The transformation of these areas will be shown daily on BBC1 at 9.15am from Dec 12th [Monday to Friday].
Felicity, Alan and their daughter Jo worked with Dave Meyers -aka ‘Hairy Biker’-,  Mark Millar and Nicki Chapman on this project. Some of the filming took place with Alan Down at Cleeve Nursery.