Hellebore Half Price Offer!


AhelleborefloatAs we approach the end of their flowering season and the end of our own nursery grown crop we are selling our hellebores at half price!

For a limited period we are offering our great hellebores at half price to make room in our nursery to grow more plants.

So that’s half price hellebores until further notice.

Get yours now and it’s a perfect time to plant these very long lived and early flowering perennials!



Suet Fat Balls for Birds


bird, feed, food, suet, balls, fat, cleeve nursery, bristol

Our offer for a bucket of suet fat balls is back!

Feed your birds this high energy bird food but save money by buying in bulk.


50 Suet Balls in plastic tubs with lids for £11.00

Save £2.00! [But stock is limited and prices are about to go up]

Who knows…you too might attract a family of beautiful long tail tits to your garden bird feeders!


Yorkshire Flowerpots

YorkpotsbogofEnglish made Yorkshire Flowerpots. English made and with over 100 years of experience making terracotta pots that withstand British winters, we have no hesitation in recommending Yorkshire Flower pots to gardeners! We stock all their range but every now and then we can offer a real bargain!

Tough and very frost proof.

33cm [13″] diametre.

Small Ribbed Pot – 2 pots for £20 

See more plant pot details

J A Bowers Multipurpose Compost Offer


potting, compost, bowers, multi-purposeJ Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose compost season opening offer!

50 litre multipurpose compost offer normally £5.00 a bag is now –

3 bags for just £12.00!

Save £3.00 and get this new season off to a great start!

This highly rated multipurpose compost from a long established and trusted manufacturer can be used for a very wide range of seeds and plants in your garden. Remember that we can load into your car or deliver locally [modest delivery charges apply]

So it’s  £5.00 for a single 50 litre bag OR 3 sacks for £12!

Save £3.00!


Gro-Sure Tomato Feed Offer


Feed, liquid, tomato, tomatoes Gro Sure

Gro-Sure liquid feed for tasty tomatoes! Great feed for tomato plants, courgettes, cucumber, peppers, chilies  and indeed all salad vegetables.

A complete summer feed to get the best taste from tomatoes, this mix of nitrogen and high potash is also excellent for feeding strawberries, hanging baskets, patio pots flowers and bedding plants!

Contains enough concentrated plant feed to produce 50 litre of feed!

Now just £4.00 for a 1 litre pack.



Ground Covering Plants

ground cover plants, garden, plant,

Great range of reliable hardy and evergreen plants in packs of six plants well grown in 9cm pots.

Single six pack price £12.50

Special Offer of any 3 packs [the same variety or different] for £30

Save £7.50 and get your bare earth covered!

Ideal for low maintenance gardening but also for areas where other plants struggle! Read more about Ground Cover Plants here

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Roundup Weedkiller Offer

weed killer, cleeve nursery, bristol

Roundup RTU now on offer!

Zap those weeds – even the difficult ones – with Roundup weedkiller in a ready to use [RTU] pack.

Roundup is effective against almost all weeds and leaves no lasting residue in your soil. With care, can be used between existing plants [it is non-selective], unplanted areas, paths and drives.


Normally £9.00 

Save £2.00 

Now £7.00 while stocks last


Chapelwood Sunflower Hearts


sunflower, hearts, birds, bird, food, feed, seed,

No mess sunflower hearts for high energy feed for garden birds.

Top quality sunflower hearts- without their shells – for a clean garden bird feed.

£6.00 per 1.8 kg bag – normally £8.00

Save £2.00 per 1.8 kg pack per 6 pack.


Loppers, Shears and Secateurs


lopper, pruner, pruning,Great offers from Kent and Stowe Tools!

Either buy a General Lopper and get a pair of garden Shears free for just £18

Or a buy a Heavy Duty By-Pass Lopper and get a pair of Secateurs free for £20.


Suttons Seeds Rapid Green Grass Seed


lawn, grass, seed, sowingFast growing self repairing grass seed!

These packs of fresh lawn grass seed are perfect for patching up those worn bits of the lawn or for sowing new areas.

These packs are enough to seed 30 sq m.

Seed is seaweed coated for fast establishment  [7-10 days to germinate], needs less frequent mowing and is drought resistant and covers up to 30% more area than conventional grass seed.

Save £4.00 on every pack!

Our Price £6

Box Hedge Plants – 6 packs

buxus, box, plants, special offer,

Box hedge plants ready to plant out to grow into that classic box hedge.

Box [Buxus sempervirens] grows into a superb dense  hedge that will look good and last for generations.

These well grown 6 packs are the perfect and most economical way to start a box hedge in your garden.


Each 6 pack costs £9.50 each so that’s less than £1.60 each plant!




6 packs of dwarf daffodil bulbs

tete a tete, daffodil, bulb, bulbs, spring, garden, cleeve


We have six packs of Tete a Tete daffodils in now.
These are established and ready to plant straight out in your pots and borders for a great show in the next few weeks.
Daffodil Tete a Tete is short growing so are less likely to be damaged by winds and an excellent variety for naturalising.

Each pack was again £6.00 this year but –

We are now offering these six packs at half price!




Spring Flowering Bulbs

Bulbs to naturalise, tulips, bulbs, flowerSpring flowering bulbs established in pots now on sale.

We have an extensive range of pot grown bulbs on sale. These can be planted right now in pots, containers and gaps in the border between other plants.

The range includes crocus, tulips, daffodils, anemone, iris, scilla and many more spring flowering hardy flowering bulbs.

Each plant in a 9 cm pot is £2.00.

Buy any 10 or more and pay just £1.90 each

nb. snowdrops and a few other more expensive bulbs are also available but not included in this offer.

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cleeve-watercan (1) We stock many other items that are discounted and provide free advice on all products, plants and how to grow and maintain them. You’ll also find a range of accessories to help you grow plants and fantastic garden offers.

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