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Vegetable Seeds

Growing Plants with Vegetable Seeds and Flower Seeds














Growing Plants with Vegetable Seeds and Flower Seeds


There's nothing more satisfying then growing your own vegetables and most vegetables are grown using vegetable seeds.


The vegetable seeds we stock at Cleeve Nursery give peace of mind as they're top quality, fresh and the best selected varieties for great performance in this area.


Our Suttons Seeds and Kings Seeds range of vegetable seeds will provide a bounty of tasty fresh produce all the year round. We've also got herb seeds, organic seeds, seed tapes and loose vegetable seed ranges to choose from. Fast maturing 'Speedy Veg' is one of our most popular ranges.


Maintain fertility and improve soil structure with our Green Manure seed range. It includes clover, field beans, grazing rye, mustard, phacelia and other green manure seeds.


James Wong, the renowned ethnobotanist has put together a range of "cool stuff to grow".

We have this range now and his top selling book too! If you fancy growing something a bit different next season, then take a leaf out of James' book [sorry about the pun!] and try something new! As James' says "It's not about growing unconventional crops for the sake of it. It's more about achieving deliciuos, high yielding foods that are expensive to buy, yet easy to grow"

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Flower Seeds

Fill your garden with colour and scent by sowing flower seeds! Grow some taller varieties as cut flowers to decorate the house or just sow them to fill your garden with colour that your friends and nieghbours will envy! Filled with colour from flower seeds, your garden will be a great place to entertain!


Growing flower seeds not only opens up a whole world of breathtaking varieties to choose from, it also gives you masses of great value plants and the feeling of fulfillment that you get from raising them yourself is really something special!


Our comprehensive flower seed range from Suttons Seeds is carefully selected to provide you with flowers to suit every situation and includes over a 100 varieties! Sunflowers, sweet peas, nasturtium, cosmos, we have them all and many more besides.


We also have quick maturing 'Fast' Flower seeds and Wildlife Garden wildflower seeds that attract wildlife into your garden. You really must pay us a visit to see our full range and don’t forget that we can provide a friendly advisory service.

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Grass Seeds

Tomato Food and Tomato Feeds for Growing Tomatoes with Tomato Seeds and Tomato Plants

At Cleeve Nursery we stock a complete range of lawn seed to grow your perfect lawn.


From our general purpose grass seed mixture, which will give you a superb, first class lawn with the added advantage of being hard wearing and suitable for children to play on, to ornamental grass seed which will grow into a top class lawn with a 'bowling green' finish.


We even stock shaded lawn grass seed for shady places and wildflower grass mixes so, no matter what your grass seed needs are, just pop in and talk to us about grass seeds and lawn preparation.


If you need to patch things up then we have Sutton's Rapid Green grass seed which is treated with extract of seaweed to improve germination. We also have Miracle Patch Magic which is absolutely guaranteed to grow with its' mix of seed, feed and coir.

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