Baby plants, starter bedding plants, plug plants, veg plants

Baby Bedding, Starter and Plug Plants


aKinderpatioBaby bedding plants are a fun and easy way to grow your own plants. They will also save you money!

These baby plants are available to grow on before the main bedding and vegetable plants are available. They are generally available from mid February through until Easter.

Baby plants can easily be grown on in greenhouse, a bright windowsill, conservatory, glazed porch or frame.

All baby plants come with extensive growing instructions [more details at the bottom of this page].


Starter Plants


AstarterkinderKinderGarden Starter Plants are grown in a preformed reduced peat plug of compost bound together with a glue like compound, these plugs are supplied in a cleverly designed paper sleeve which holds the compost plug and serves as the plant label.

Our Starter plants are easy to use, all you have to do is pop the plug out of the sleeve and plant.
You will find plenty of information on each of the Starter Plant sleeve labels, which you can keep for reference or, as they are made of paper, you can recycle.

With over 100 different varieties to choose from, all with proven garden performance, we are sure you will find everything you need to create a colourful lasting display.


Plug Plants in Cell Packs


aplugpackTop quality varieties excellent for Baskets, Containers and the Garden.

Colour your world with a great value summer display of long lasting vibrant colour.

Choose from a range of varieties in a 20 cell plug packs. These top class varieties have all been selected for their reliability and long lasting garden performance and are the easy to grow and an economical way to fill your garden with lovely flowering bedding plants!

The most popular varieties available include Begonia [fibrous rooted], various Geraniums, Lobelia and double flowered Petunia.


KinderGarden Plant Collections


aprettyinpinkcollectPlant collections are the easy way to a colourful garden!

Not everyone knows which bedding plants to choose to make a colourful hanging basket or planted container and many people just don’t have the time to browse the full range.

So we stock the carefully designed KinderGarden Collections with six options to select from.
Each collection consists of eight different plants carefully selected from our Starter Plant range.

Plants will be sleeved in their own individual variety sleeve with every collection pack having its own distinct and clearly defined coloured handle.

Let our knowledge guide you to great results!


After care for Baby Plants


AkinderaftercareProtect: Protect plants from frosts and cold weather at all times. Do not place these tender plants outside until all danger of frost has passed. The ideal growing conditions are plenty of natural light and a temperature of 16-18°C. If this is not possible supply the best you can and turn your plants regularly to avoid them becoming stretched towards the light.

Water: All plants will need watering but avoid “over wet” conditions. Water sufficiently to ensure the compost is thoroughly moist, then do not water again until the surface of the compost has become dry. As the plants mature it is advisable to water under the foliage canopy if possible, in this way you will reduce the risk of marking or damaging foliage and flowers.

Feed: This is often neglected and yet it is so easy and reaps such gain. There are several ways in which you can feed your plants and many products to select from.
The two main types are:
1.Slow Release Fertilizer —Added Osmocote; either incorporating it into the compost or spreading on the surface. It provides a controlled release measure of feed throughout the summer.
2. Liquid Feed — Miracle Gro, tomato feed or Phostrogen; these are dissolved in water and the feed is given as you water.

Maintain: Check your plants regularly. Should you spot any pest be sure to take action quickly using an insecticide. Remove dead and fading flowers to prolong the flowering display.

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