Feed your plants now!

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Feed your plants now!

So you fed your plants in early spring and you think that’s enough? Well think again!

If you really want your garden to look great, have big crops of veg and beautiful blooms then you’ll need to add more feed now!

The ‘Growmore’, fish blood & bone meal or chicken manure pellets are all very well but with plants growing fast they need more now! These fertilisers are a good start and provide the base nutrients. But plants benefit from a top up and it’s particularly nitrogen and potash feed that will bring the best results.

Miracle Gro, fertiliser, plant food, feedFortunately there’s an easy answer with several readily available fertilisers on the shelves. Miracle-Gro, Phostrogen, Maxicrop and Gro-Sure are the main contenders and will quickly add the nutrient boost that garden plants need at this time of the year. These are diluted in water and applied when watering your plants or garden. If you are watering with a hose then one of those hose end diluter units makes it even easier. However, do make certain that your tap has a non-return valve fitted! These fast acting feeds need to be put on your plants regularly during the growing season and they both foliar and root feeds.

There are specialist mixes of these fast acting fertilisers and you’ll find ones that are more suited to blooms than say to leafy vegetables. For leafy plants such as cabbage, spinach and lettuce, look for a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen. For best blooms look for one that has plenty of potash such as Phostrogen. And for tomatoes Feed, liquid, tomato, tomatoes Gro Sureyou’ll get the best results with one that has plenty of both! Fortunately bedding plants, hanging baskets and patio containers will do well on tomato feed too so if your budget will only stretch to one fast acting feed then go for the tomato feed!

However, if you’ve got more exacting plants in your garden such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias then it is important to have a specific liquid feed for these. This is often called an “Ericaceous” liquid feed and it is particularly import ant to feed these plants in the next couple of months since they will be initiated flower buds for next spring right now.

With some spectacular roses this summer I mustn’t leave them out since this is also a great time to give them some additional feed! You’ll no doubt have given them a special rose food when you pruned most of them in March but now it is important to give them even more rose fertiliser to encourage them to keep on performing for longer. Ordinary dry rose food should be scattered around the root zone and lightly hoed in.

Oh, and while you’re about it don’t forget those hungry indoor plants need feed too!

Get a better background knowledge on plant feeding here.

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