Gloxinia sonata Pink Rose, HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017

HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017

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There are lots of new plants launched every year but the place to see them is within the HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017 sector of this major trade only plant show. It’s held every June in the grounds of what was the Royal Agricultural Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

Of course not every plant shown is a winner and many turn out to be no more than a flash in the pan. But every now and then a great garden plant is launched and it is something genuinely better than the plants that we grow already. So for keen plant buffs like us it is vital that we visit the show and spend time closely scrutinising the HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017!

The 2017 Winners

Adenophylla White Blaze, HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017
Adenophylla White Blaze

As you would expect, there are several categories of plant types and some sectors have more entries than others . There is an overall HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017 winner and this was won by a new herbaceous perennial and was also voted the visitors choice too. This winner is plant that is reminiscent of the bell shaped Campanula but is actually Adenophylla ‘White Blaze’. I have to admit that it’s choice somewhat surprised me and it is unlikely that we will be adding this to the already vast list of plants that we grow!

 Malus toringa Arosa, HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017
Malus toringa Arosa

However the HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017 winner in the best new tree and conifer section looks to be a real winner! This was won by an upright growing dwarf growing crab apple tree. It has rich burgundy coloured leaves that are produced after bright purple-pink spring flowers. The leaf colour becomes somewhat paler during summer but there are tiny red crab apples to look forward to for the autumn. Being so small growing and having several seasons of interest we can see this tree suiting today’s smaller  gardens rather well. It is even a suitable tree for a large pot and with those dark leaves offers up all kinds of exciting planting combination opportunities!


Silene hybrid, HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017
Silene hybrid Sparkling Rose

The HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017 winning annual was a pretty little Silene called Silene hybrid ‘Sl 11 04-61 Sparkling Rose. It has an open and informal habit with soft rose pink flowers.


Gloxinia sonata Pink Rose, HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017
Gloxinia sonata Pink Rose

I must confess that not only was I luke warm about the visitors choice of Adenophylla but also their houseplant choice. This was won by yet another Cambria orchid. However, the judges and official HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017 winner was to my mind a far better plant! This was Gloxinia sonata Pink Spot and is significant since it has very large double flowers.  I’m told that there is already a purple one and that other colours should follow. Gloxinia have sumptuous blooms anyway but these really caught my eye! This plant had many flower buds hidden under those soft large leaves and so it has the potential to look great on your windowsill for many summer weeks.


 Passiflora Riverside Snow Queen, passion flower, HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017
Passiflora Riverside Snow Queen

The best HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017 Shrub and Climbing plant was a pure white and scented passion flower. This is called Passiflora Riverside Snow Queen and I is one that I expect to be around for a very long time. Passion flowers are easy to grow provided you find a warm and sheltered spot for them in the garden. Flowers are apparently produced from June to October and who knows, with our warmer winters perhaps longer too!

A word of caution!

It will take quite a while before these HTA Plant Show New Plants 2017 are readily available to us gardeners and whilst ‘new’ is sometimes better, ‘tried and trusted’ is often better!

HTA stands for the Horticultural Trades Association – read more here.

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