Join in with Al Fresco Fortnight 2017

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What is Al Fresco Fortnight 2017?

After the success of last year’s event, Al Fresco Fortnight 2017 could not have had better weather in the first week!

Again commencing on Father’s Day, this celebration of gardens, gardening and getting out there and enjoying it –  has hit the ground running this time!Al Fresco Fortnight 2017

So as we are in the middle weekend and have a full week to follow how are you getting involved?

Little preparation is needed but perhaps a peep at the weather forecast will help! I think that this next week will be mostly dry but certainly a lot cooler than it has been. We find that the weather site XCWeather gives a good reliable prediction.

So with that in mind perhaps it’s time to invest in a fire pit  or chimenea ? Well these are not items that we sell at Cleeve Nursery as we have a policy of concentrating on core garden plants and products but they are widely available.

And with plants in mind we have colour – lots of colour – to really make your garden a place to be proud of! Afterall, when you have your friends and family around for a barbecue or supper in the garden you want the place to look at its best don’t you?

We’ve lots of bedding plants still and most are really beginning to bloom. We have bigger tender plants that will give you instant colour. Plants like Geraniums, Begonias, Nemesias, Salvias and Cape Daisies. There are all those hardy perennials that we grow too! Some of those are really flowering well now and will of course do that every year.

But let’s not forget the culinary side and pot up or plant out a few herbs that we can use to flavour the barbecued food or to give that salad and extra bit of flavour.

And what about those salads? We still have and will have plenty of salad vegetables for you to plant in pots or spaces in the garden. And then there is always those so easy to sow and grow salad leaf seed mixes. Check out this little video I recorded a while back on how to grow these and save money!

It’s not too late to plant them now and salads should in any case be sown in succession every few weeks right through until the end of summer. Use a quirky container to grow them in and why not recycle something to do this? What you must not skimp on is the quality of the potting compost that you use! We always use our own Cleeve Nursery Multipurpose Compost.

Of course, we have the longest days of summer to enjoy and some fantastic sunsets too!

Running water can be especially soothing so now that the main planting season is coming to an end, perhaps it’s time to look at installing a water feature of some kind? And while you are about it, how about some solar powered lighting? Discreetly positioned up-lighters can transform a garden. Spotlighting some trees and shrubs can have a magical effect.

So I hope that I’ve inspired you to invite a few friends and family round to celebrate Al Fresco Fortnight 2017 with us? There’s more inspirational stuff from the organisers of Al Fresco Fortnight 2017 here and it’s those lovely people who do the Love Your Plot thing too!Al Fresco Fortnight 2017

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