Christmas Range

Fresh Christmas Trees

40% off all cut Christmas Trees

achrtreeChristmas trees are the centre piece of Christmas and so we know that getting the right fresh Christmas tree is vital to you!

We spend a lot of time selecting the best fresh Christmas trees available and always try to source them from local Christmas tree growers. All our Christmas trees have been expertly grown for us and will always be replaced in the fields by other newly planted Christmas trees.

We offer fresh cut Christmas trees, pot grown Christmas trees, traditional varieties and needle-fast [non-drop] Christmas tree varieties.

We have been selling fresh Christmas trees since 1983 and many of our customers have always bought their tree from us! In fact, in some cases we are now selling to the third generation of some families!

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Natural Door Wreaths


adoorwreathEvery front door is traditionally decorated with a wreath during the festive season. In ancient Rome, people used decorative wreaths as a sign of victory. Some believe that this is where the hanging of wreaths on doors originated. Others gathered wreaths of evergreens and lit fires as signs of hope in a coming spring and renewed light. This welcoming decoration is still very popular today. Most of our wreaths are made in the traditional way with berried holly and can be either plain or decorated with a red bow.

We make some of our fresh wreaths as and when we need them so that they are nice and fresh.

Not all holly wreaths are for doors. Many buy them for graves in memory of loved ones.

If you buy a fresh wreath from us, do remember to take it off the door after about one week, lay it on the ground, sprinkle some water over the top of it to freshen it up before hanging it back on the door.

Watch Felicity Down make a door wreath here


Christmas Decorations and Gifts


adecsOur beautiful display of Christmas decorations and gifts are on display from mid November. You will find a selection of top quality Christmas decorations and unusual ornaments selected and displayed by Jamie and Sharon. We also have products from the Di’ paloma range, as well as lanterns, candles, diffusers and other useful gift ideas for gardeners.

We have an excellent range of festive house plants that would make a wonderful gift. We also stock a good range of ribbons and coloured strings to make those all important bows for parcels, trees and floral Christmas arrangements.

If you prefer fresh greenery to decorate your home, cut holly and fir branches will be on sale from mid December as well as masses of local mistletoe!


National Garden Gift Vouchers


nggvA National Garden Gift Voucher is a fabulous gift for any gardener!
Easy to post and the lucky recipient can choose exactly what they want.

National Garden Gift Vouchers are available from Cleeve Nursery.

We sell and accepted National Garden Gift Vouchers as payment at Cleeve Nursery and this is the number one garden gift voucher!

National Garden Gift Vouchers are available in denominations of £5, £10, £25 and £50.

They are supplied with an attractive gift wallet and envelope.

Find out more about Garden Vouchers


Christmas Indoor Plants



orchids, phalaenopsis


Need bright light but not direct sunlight . Minimum temperature 15 C and maximum temperature of 21 C. Apply orchid feed once a week during the summer and mist your orchid leaves throughout the year. Re-pot when necessary using orchid compost. We stock a complete range of everything that these easy but specialised plants need to flourish! Check out our Growth Technology stand [products from Taunton]!

Orchids make great Christmas gifts!





apointPoinsettias need to be kept warm and out of drafts, so they good for centrally heated homes. Water when the leaves start to wilt and the compost feels dry. Give your poinsettia a good soak but never let it stand in water for long. Feed regularly with specific poinsettia liquid feed for best results.
Buy English grown poinsettias if possible as long lorry journeys will affect their performance. We sell poinsettias from mid November to Christmas Eve and these are grown locally in Somerset.

Poinsettia make great Christmas gifts!
Find out how to keep your Poinsettia happy by watching this video

Hyacinth, bulb, flower, christmas, present

Strong scent and great colour are the reasons why hyacinth have become so popular at Christmas. They are also extremely undemanding and particularly suited to cooler rooms.

They will tolerate lower light and temperature levels than poinsettia and can be planted out into the garden when the blooms have faded.

Hyacinth bulbs will also tolerate drafty situations. For this reason, hyacinths can be added to sheltered outdoor containers and window boxes. A container of hyacinths in an unheated front porch makes a great statement!

You can buy budded hyacinths from us in individual pots. This is perfect for planting up your own bowls and baskets. Plant hyacinths with other indoor plants in a mixed arrangement or just hyacinths together. But it is unwise to mix colours of hyacinths since they flower at different times. We sell potted hyacinth flower bulbs from November through to spring.

Here are some more useful tips on forcing hyacinth bulbs

We sell many pre-planted containers of hyacinths too.

Hyacinths make great Christmas gifts!


cyclamen, plant, cleeve, nursery, bristol


Water when leaves begin to wilt. Water from the bottom of the pot.

Keep in a cool place with good light.

Remove yellowing leaves and fading flowers from the base of the corm with a twist and a sharp tug. This ensures that you leave no stub attached to the corm and avoids rot starting. These magnificent plants are locally grown in Somerset and are of superb quality and nursery fresh!

Cyclamen make great Christmas gifts!

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners


gifts_000There is certainly no shortage of good gifts for gardeners and Christmas gifts to suit all budgets!

Whether you are looking for stocking fillers or major thoughtful presents that show you care, you will find plenty to choose from at Cleeve Nursery.

With free and easy parking and friendly knowledgeable staff on hand you will enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts for gardens at Cleeve Nursery!