Citrus Fruit Trees and Citrus Fruit Plants

Citrus Fruit Trees and Plants


LemonsoutMany imagine that to grow citrus fruits, such as orange plants and lemon plants, a heated glasshouse is needed.

In fact this is not the case and citrus fruit trees can easily be grown in pots outside but given some frost protection in winter.

Regular pruning back of long shoots is necessary but see Take a look at our How To Grow Citrus page here


Lemon Trees


LemonsLemon trees and lemon plants are the easiest citrus fruit trees to grow and so lemon plants are an excellent citrus plant to start growing.

Free flowering [often twice a year] and regular fruiting, lemon trees are easily grown in pots outside in summer and brought in for frost protection in winter.

Lemon trees tolerate cold weather better than other citrus fruit trees.


Orange Trees


OrangesOrange trees and citrus hybrids are available from us most of the year.

These citrus fruit trees are a little more demanding than lemon trees to grow but are well worth it since they have delicious fruits and sweetly scented flowers.

Grow in pots outside in summer but bring inside in winter [cool conditions preferred].


Other Citrus Trees


CalamondinsClementines, Calamondins, Grapefruit and sometimes other hybrid citrus trees are available from us.

All are pot grown and ready to grow on.

Often these citrus fruit trees and citrus plants have fruit on them and sometimes sweet scented flowers too.



Lime Trees


LimeOf all the citrus trees to grow, lime trees are the most challenging!

If you have mastered growing lemon trees and orange trees then you may have success growing lime trees.

We do not generally stock lime trees but can get them in to order.



Citrus Tree and Citrus Plant Food and Compost


Citrusmxd_000Citrus need regular liquid feed, especially when they are actively growing.

We sell Citrus Compost specially made for growing healthy strong citrus fruit trees. This has a low pH and is therefore an acid or lime free compost.

Take a look at our How To Grow Citrus page here


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