Daffodil Bulbs from Cleeve Nursery – Planting Daffodil Bulbs for Sale

daff1Daffodil, also sometimes referred to as Narcissus, trumpets in the spring! Most are very hardy and long lived spring-flowering perennial bulbs. All Narcissus species have a central trumpet surrounded by a ring of 6 floral modified ‘leaves’, although double varieties may make it hard to spot the trumpet amongst the frills. The blooms are carried on a single erect stem or several blooms on ‘stemlets’ from the top of the main stem. The short and popular variety ‘Tete a Tete’ is a good eaxample. Although modern varieties can be everything from white to pink, the traditional yellow is still the symbol of Easter (as well as Wales).

Daffodils should be planted allowing 15cm (6″) between the bulbs where they can be left undisturbed, especially if naturalising them (growing them to look as if they have naturally colonised part of your garden beneath trees and in lawns). Plant early and deeply (or they may not flower), with 12cm (5″) of soil on top of bulbs in light, well-drained areas and 10cm (4″) in heavy soil. It is best to plant daffodils as soon as you buy them, but if you have to store them, keep cool and open bags to allow ventilation.

After flowering, remove the dead flowers and let the foliage die down, meanwhile feeding with a liquid fertiliser at intervals of 7-10 days. This usually takes at least six weeks. Mow round daffodils in the lawn, and do not cut down until at least 6 weeks after flowering, to allow the goodness to go into the bulb.

Daffodils in Containers and Pots

Daffodils are well suited to deep pots and containers on the patio. Position them in a cool spot and keep them well watered during dry periods, even in the middle of winter. Use our popular Cleeve Nursery Multipurpose Compost This is a professional compost that we have used for years and has added soil and bark to reduce the peat content.

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