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fiskarsFiskars believe that tools shouldn’t be made to be thrown away – they should be designed beautifully for years of effective use.

The company was started in 1649 in Finland, and today is one of the oldest businesses in the western world. In 1967 Fiskars manufactured the world’s first plastic-handled scissors. So famous have the orange handles become that Fiskars Orange®, was officially registered as a trademark in Finland in 2003 and in the US 2007.

Fiskars’ expansion began with the founding of a scissors factory in the United States and today, the Fiskars Corporation is an international company whose products for the home, garden, and outdoors are renowned for their functionality and cutting-edge design. Until recently Wilkinson Sword garden tools were manufactured under license by Fiskars UK Limited.

Hand tools are in harmony with nature and ergonomic for effortless gardening – Fiskars don’t make power tools which disturb the peace and turn gardening into an industrial activity! Their claim is that everything they do is designed to make your gardening not just simpler but more pleasurable and that the right tool should feel almost effortless – their designers spend hours studying how people use tools, then they use advanced materials and engineering to produce elegant, lightweight equipment that acts like an extension of your body, giving you extra power and control and reducing strain.

For instance, they found that by adding a gear mechanism to their loppers they increased the cutting power and could then make the handles shorter and lighter. And how about the Fiskar’s Cut and Hold Snips that has an ingenious blade designed to hold the flower stem after it’s been cut?