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A Haws spokesman told us “if you want perfection in the garden, there are some things you just have to own. A Haws watering can is one of them. You might say that it’s only a watering can but it is beautiful and very stylish. They are the kind of cans you just have to own if you’re in any way serious about gardening. A Haws can is one of those gifts, whether you buy it for yourself or for somebody else, that will delight for years and years”.

Haws watering cans are world renowned, especially the Professional Long Reach cans. Still largely hand-made and of the highest quality, most models are supplied with an all brass rose which provides a gentle spray for watering precious seedlings.

There are several designs, including the Haws classic long reach watering can in 3 sizes, an instantly recognisable ‘Peter Rabbit’ can and one in a modern or ‘continental’ style, in a choice of attractive colours. All the cans are well balanced, making watering a pleasure instead of a pain.

There are two types of plastic watering can; injection-moulded and blow-moulded. The injection-moulded cans are the best quality, having hot-melted joints, whilst blow-moulded cans are lighter, less expensive and are externally blown in one piece from a molten plastic extrusion.


Indoor Cans


handhawsHaws also produce a range of colourful and attractive, yet fully functional cans with removable brass-face roses, for watering pots in the greenhouse or house plants indoors.






hawsmetalcansHaws Precious Metal Cans: a range of hand-made Gold, Silver and Bronze, 1 litre, indoor watering cans, designed to be the ultimate in gardening decadence.

Each can is made to order, numbered and enhanced with an optional personalised engraving before being gift-boxed – a collector’s item and a gardening gift never forgotten.




hawsaccesoriesReplacements and spares for the Haws metal and plastic outdoor can ranges, featuring the Fine as Rain range with all brass or brass-faced roses, extension spouts, etc.