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The people at Hozelock, are proud of their range, developed over half a century to help gardeners to get the most from their involvement in their gardens. A British company, Hozelock developed the world’s first plastic hose connector – the Hoze-Lock, and has gone on to be a global garden equipment manufacturer, exporting to more than 60 countries and winning prestigious award. However, over 75% of their products are still made in Britain.

Specialists in their field, they combine expertise with passion for gardening and pride in craftsmanship, and continual investment means that every product in Hozelock’s comprehensive range is bang up to date, technically perfect and visibly striking, made to be durable and reliable.

The range covers garden watering, garden pressure sprayers, pond equipment and high pressure cleaners.




hozelockhosesThere is no such thing as ‘just a hose pipe’ – the Hozelock range comes braided or knitted, in a huge selection of lengths, with or without connector sets and on or off hose reels, which can be wheeled or wall mounted, easy rewind or auto rewind…phew! And of course, there is the huge range of connectors, nozzles, spray guns and long-reach lances.



Hose Fittings


HozelockfittingsConnectors to fit all taps, join two hoses or connect a fitting on the end are stocked by us. Each pack has clear directions on what each does and what it fits but let us help you to get the right fitting first time around. These fittings are universal and have been copied by many others but they still remain the best!



Spray Guns


Hozelockstand2From hose end sprayers to softly water new seedlings to strong jets to blast out mud from under wheel arches, Hozelock has it covered! Quick fitting and robust to handle the spray gun range is comprehensive. Many spray guns are fully adjustable and will provide the complete package in just one hose end fitting.





HozelocksprayerHozelock Pressure Sprayers from 1.5 to 7 litre capacity are all you need for safe application of plant care products. Robust and light weight these strong sprayers have been refined to be the best garden sprayers available. So good that we use them in our nursery!