Gardening tools & Gardening gifts Kent and Stowe

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garden, tools, gardening, cleeve, spade, fork, rakeA comprehensive range of quality, value-for-money tools, ideal for everyday gardening tasks.
These garden tools are available in stainless steel and in carbon steel

Take a look at our Kent & Stowe Kids Range too!



Spades & Forks


image_unavailableGarden spades and forks available in carbon or stainless steel with a traditional ash shaft with soft grip handles. We have digging spades, digging forks, border spades and border forks.

These garden spades and garden forks are comfortable to use and strong enough to do the job!


Cutting Tools


cutting, tools, secateurs, shearsWith proven cutting performance and comfortable, ergonomically designed handles, Kent and Stowe secateurs, garden loppers and garden shears make light work of pruning and maintenance. We also stock pruning saws.




Garden Rakes and Garden Hoes


cleeve nursery, cleeve, gardening, gardenStrong garden rakes and garden hoes that are practical and comfortable to use.

The stainless steel garden rakes and garden hoes are particular good to use and easily kept clean.

In addition to the garden rakes we also have spring lawn rakes. These are good for raking up fallen leaves and for raking moss out of lawns. Keep a sharp edge to your lawn with a strong turf edging iron.

These long handled Kent & Stowe garden tools are traditionally made and robust.


Garden Hand Trowels and Garden Hand Forks

cleeve nursery, cleeve, gardening, gardenPerfect for planting or just a bit of tidying up between plants; garden hand trowels and garden hand forks are invaluable to a gardener.

Long handled garden trowels and long handled garden forks.