Growing Herbs with Herb Seeds and Herb Plants

Herb Seeds


herb1There is nothing like a good supply of fresh herbs to take your cooking to that extra level! Most are easy to grow and all can be grown in pots or containers as well as in the garden.  Some can even be grown ‘indoors’ in good light.

So if you want to fill up your kitchen window sill for that instantly available supply you’ll find our selection of herb seeds represents most popular varieties. Basil is perhaps the most popular of all windowsill herb plants to grow.

There are herb seeds for cooks, seeds for herbal teas, edible flowers and, of course seeds for those herbs that are beneficial to wildlife in your garden.

Once you’ve grown your plants from herb seeds you may have a surplus. This can be frozen or dried and hung in the kitchen. It can also be used to make deliciously flavoured oils.

Whether you use herbs in the kitchen or not, bear in mind that a herb area can prove a pretty addition to any garden. When herbs such as mint, thyme and marjoram bloom they are especially attractive to bees and to butterflies.

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Herb Plants


herb2If you don’t want to start with herb seeds then buying herb plants from Cleeve Nursery is your best way to start your herb garden as we stock a very large range of varieties of herb plants. Amongst our range of around 40 different herb plants we have some medicinal herb plants too.

Herb plants are the easiest way to get started and will provide you with an earlier crop than seeds. Kitchen window sill varieties are usually the quickest to grow and they do well in containers, pots and window boxes.

Mint is always popular and perfect for flavoring new potatoes. So called ‘garden’ mint and apple mint are the ones most gardeners go for. Beware that most mint plants are quite invasive and so should be planted in containers or have their roots contained when planted in the soil.

Herbs, herb, plants, food, garnish, flavourThe greatest range of herb plants is available from Cleeve Nursery in spring and early summer. It’s a good idea to plant many herbs in spring since they establish well then. They also rapidly grow into plants that you can use on your summer barbecue, in your general cooking, in teas, salads and as attractive garnishes.

Some herbs will develop into attractive shrubs if planted in well drained soil in a sunny position. Rosemary, coloured leaf sage and lavender can be attractive and useful additions to the flower border.

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Up-Cycle a Container for Herbs!

bbq herb planter, herbs, plants, barbecueWhy not make use of an old container to grow your fresh herbs?

Make certain that the potting compost that you use is of a good quality and that the container has plenty of drainage holes.

Take a look around your garden or even in the skip in the street -ask first before taking anything –  there may be something just perfect and perhaps quirky that you can use to grow your herbs in!

Herb Resources


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