J A Bowers Compost

New Horizon Multi-Purpose Compost

compost, multipurpose, garden, bowers New Horizon is the market leading peat free multi-purpose compost.

This organic and peat free compost gives consistent and good results and has been the number one peat free compost choice of gardeners for many years now. Gardening Which? magazine has chosen New Horizon Multi-Purpose as its best buy on many occasions.

This peat free and organic multi-purpose compost can be used for seed sowing and for growing on.

J. A. Bowers John Innes Composts

John Innes, compost, gardenBased on the original recipes from the John Innes Horticultural Institute near Norwich, J. A. Bowers soil based J. I. composts are of high quality and consistency. This is a heavier compost but the soil gives added buffering capacity to nutrient release.

We offer J. I. Seed, J. I. No.1 and J. I. No. 3 composts.

The higher numbers are suitable for more mature plants and are especially suited to larger plants permanently growing in large pots. We would recommend adding 50% of our own Cleeve Nursery Multipurpose compost to any large permanently planted pots as this improves root growth.

J. A. Bowers Ericaceous Compost

J A Bowers, Ericaceous, CompostMany plants have evolved in soils with low pH and these are known as ‘lime hating’ plants. These acid soil loving plants must have this lime free compost to thrive. In most cases they are most at home in peaty soils as this is the type of soil in which they have evolved over thousands of years.

It is vital to use Ericaceous Compost for plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Calluna, Camellias, Pieris and blueberries. This compost should be used ‘neat’ when growing these and other lime hating plants in pots.

We also recommend  that Ericaceous Compost is used generously when growing these plants in the garden soil unless that soil has a pH registering well below neutral [pH 7].

J. A. Bowers Tub and Basket Compost

J A Bowers Tub and Basket compostThis is the natural choice of compost for your patio! Use J. A. Bowers Tub and Basket compost for all your containers, window boxes and hanging baskets.

This contains a water retaining additive and fertiliser to feed your plants for 6 weeks. After this period add liquid feed regularly or add controlled release fertiliser when planting up [Osmocote].

J. A. Bowers Seed and Cutting Compost

J A Bowers seed and cutting compost


Perfect for getting things started.

Use for raising seeds or for rooting cuttings to increase your stock of plants. Low level of plant nutrients added to this compost so as to prevent damaging newly developing roots. Pot on into your preferred compost from those above.