Junior Gardening

Junior Gardening

Potatoes - Vegetable Plants and Growing Vegetables


At Cleeve Nursery you will find all kinds of things to encourage children to get gardening! Brightly coloured watering cans, wheelbarrows, gloves and small tools are all available to encourage young people to get out in the garden whatever the weather!


Come and see our selection. Seeds from Suttons are available throughout most of the year. Whether you want to grow flowers or vegetables there is always something to choose from if you look through their range. Some seeds are especially good for impatient gardeners of all ages! SpeedyVeg are a range of vegetables that provide a ready to eat crop in just 4 – 5 weeks! These are easy to grow and nutritious and some varieties can easily be grown in a pot outside or on a sunny windowsill. Don’t forget to water them! FastFlowers can also be grown the same way producing pretty flowers in just 7 weeks! If you can, find a small area of the garden in the sun, sow the seeds from March to May, water well and pick the flowers during June to September. At Cleeve Nursery we sell a range of loose peas, beans and potatoes and that means you can have a go at growing some without buying large quantities. You could try growing some potatoes in a large pot or even a dustbin! Ask a grown up to help!


School Gardening Clubs

Vegetable Plants and Growing Vegetables for a Healthy Vegetable Garden - Tomatoes
If your school has a gardening club, you might like to let your teacher know about visits and talks that we organise at Cleeve Nursery to encourage all ages to garden.

Flower, Fruit & Vegetable competitions

At certain times of the year we hold competitions for Pumpkin and Marrow growing, Scarecrow making and Edible Necklaces. These are always fun and you can win some really great prizes too.

How about Constructing a Lettuce Ball?


Venus Fly Traps

Vegetable Plants and Growing Vegetables for a Healthy Vegetable Garden - Flower Seeds and Vegetable Seeds
We sell Venus Fly traps throughout the year. These are the fascinating little plants that grow traps to catch flies with. They like moist conditions and usually are found in the wild growing in a boggy area. They are best grown on damp moss or pebbles. It is best not to touch the traps too often otherwise the traps give up working and die off.

Bulb Planting in Autumn

Vegetable Plants and Growing Vegetables for a Healthy Vegetable Garden - Grow Your OwnPotatoes - Vegetable Plants and Growing Vegetables

Why not have a go at planting some bulbs in the autumn. Choose from the large selection of daffodils, tulips and crocus that we stock from late August onwards. Feeling daunted by so much choice? Just ask one of our expert team for the best variety for you to grow. Find a large pot that has some drainage holes in the bottom, put some pieces of broken pots or stones in the bottom and fill the pot with some compost. Place some bulbs at different depths into the compost, water carefully and leave the pot outside. The bulbs will start to flower from March onwards.

Get Young  Gardeners Started

Vegetable Plants and Growing Vegetables for a Healthy Vegetable Garden - Peas & Beans

Some Flower Shows have entries just for children so look out in the spring and summer months and maybe you can grow some flowers or vegetables to enter the show. Maybe you might even win a prize!