Laurel Hedge | Laurel Bushes | Screening Hedge

laurel, laurel hedge, laurel screening, plantLaurel hedge is a very popular plant choice. It is also a good choice as a screening hedge or screening plant to provide seclusion and privacy.

Laurel bushes grow quickly and establish well so that a dense laurel hedge or screening hedge is very rapidly grown.

We offer a good range of sizes of laurel bushes for both creating a laurel hedge and for a screening hedge.

Between late October and March we offer bare root young laurel hedge plants. These are generally 60-90 cms high. This is the most economical size to plant.

However, if you want privacy or security from a laurel hedge in a hurry, then the larger sized pot grown plants that we sell all year round are for you! We sell these in a range of sizes up to 1.75 m high.

laurel, laurel hedge, laurel screening, plantsLaurel hedges will grow well on a wide range of soils and will even tolerate remarkably damp soils. They are shade tolerant and so will grow in the shade of buildings or under trees. All laurel plants should be planted into well prepared and weed free soil. Watering regularly in spring and summer until your laurel hedge is fully established is well worthwhile. Quicker growth and better establishment will be achieved if competition in the early years from nearby plants and weeds is minimised.

In addition to the ‘Common’ or ‘Cherry’ laurel we also grow and sell Portugal laurel. This is slower growing but has smaller evergreen leaves that some people prefer.

Once established, your laurel hedge will need trimming once a year. If trimmed more often, the laurel hedge becomes more dense. It can be trimmed with a mechanical hedge trimmer or by hand.

laurel, laurel hedge, laurel screening, plantsIf your laurel hedge or laurel screening plant becomes too big it can be cut back very hard indeed. This is best done in late winter and plants can be cut right back hard to their trunks to rejuvenate growth.