Lavenders and Lavandula

LavenderfieldsLavender species and varieties of Lavandula are one of our specialities.

We grow the best varieties that we can find and also those tried and trusted old lavender varieties that have been in gardens for a generation.

There are two main types of lavender plants and, although they like the same sort of growing conditions, one lavender type is much hardier than the other.

All lavender plants need full sun and good drainage to do well. They also prefer soil that is quite poor and don’t mind it being stony.

lavendertablecanEnglish lavender [sometimes also called Dutch lavender] is the hardiest type and we grow many varieties. These are Lavandula angustifolia, spica and xintermedia varieties.

French lavender [Lavandula stoechas types] needs to have more shelter from the cold in winter.

All our lavender are grown in pots in the open in summer and then moved under cover of cold polytunnels in winter so that they do not get too wet.

We also keep our lavenders looking good and healthy by treating them regularly with our fresh brewed Compost Tea.

lavMunsteadWe grow old favourites of English lavender such as Hidcote and Munstead but also improved varieties like Imperial Gem, Silver Sands and Havanna. If you prefer your lavender to be white or pink we have Arctic Snow and Rosea.

Besides Lavandula stoechas, we grow other French lavenders such as Papillon, Helmsdale, Pretty Polly, Kew Red and Snowman.

We may not have every variety ready to sell every month of the year but we always have great lavenders in stock!

[credit to Cotswolds Lavender for the top image]