Lawn Moss Killer MO Bacter

MOBacter1New MO Bacter Lawn Moss Killer

Moss spoils lawns and is a recurring problem.

MO Bacter is a totally new approach to controlling moss on lawns and it is in fact an organic fertiliser!

The organic biological approach to moss control is new to the UK but has been used for some time in Europe.

MO Bacter controls moss by killing it and the big bonus to gardeners is that it isn’t necessary for the dead moss to be raked out!

There are many chemical lawn moss killers on the market and few if any give lasting control so they need to be regularly re-applied.

MO Bacter is a totally new approach that feeds the moss so that it grows vigorously, is then mown off and MO Bacter continues to kill the remaining moss in situ without producing black unsightly dead moss.

In addition to this any spillages will not stain clothes, paths and driveways and any MO Bacter that is inadvertently spread into borders will not harm plants.

MO Bacter feeds your lawn for at least 12 weeks [without a flush of lush green growth] and will not harm animals.

It is recommended to cut the lawn just before applying the MO Bacter Lawn Moss Killer and then leave the lawn uncut for about 10-14days before cutting again.

Lawn clippings can be added to the compost heap [unlike chemically treated lawns].

MO Bacter has a high potash but low nitrogen content so it will encourage strong roots that will be more resistant to drought. However after drought conditions, MO Bacter will help your lawn to recover quickly.

Using MO Bacter, in conjunction with improving the aeration of lawn soils by spiking, will make life much easier for you to get a great looking lawn… and without that back breaking raking too!

We have Scotts spreaders for free loan to spread this product but on smaller areas it can be spread by hand with little risk of damage by overdosing with this organic product.

MO Bacter is available only from limited retailers [we believe that we are the only one in the Bristol area] and in pack sizes of 10 kg [100 sq m] and 20kg [175-200 sq m]

Apply any time between March and September.