Lawns grass seed

grassseed1For an excellent seeded lawn there are two rules: prepare the soil well and never let the soil and seeds dry out. Lavish care on the seeded area for six to 12 weeks and you will be repaid with a lush, well-established lawn. Worn or damaged patches can be reseeded with the same method.

Early September when the soil is warm, and before the nights get a chilly, is the best time to sow your lawn but you may have success sowing until late October. April and May are also very good months to sow grass seed.

You will need to break up the soil to a depth of at least 7.6 cms (3”) and preferably 15cms (6”), removing any stones or hard clods as you work. Enrich the soil with compost and growmore fertiliser, rake smooth, then bash down the surface with the back of the rake until it is level.


We stock loose and bulk lawn grass seed mixtures.

Sow the grass seeds by hand or with a mechanical seed spreader. Coverage should be even – try spreading the seed from different angles to ensure a consistent coating. Rake the seed gently into the top of the soil. Tread the area in short shuffling steps, pressing down on your heels, until the seeds and soil are evenly pressed down, or you can use a weighted lawn roller. Renting a roller is probably a worthwhile expense if you’re seeding a large lawn.

Water the sown grass seed with your hose nozzle set to the most gentle rain or spray pattern, until the earth is dark but not waterlogged. Keep the soil and seed evenly moist like this for at least 10 days or until you begin to see the first green blades. In some climates this may mean watering more than once a day for the first week or so.

If the soil is not compacted during germination, stronger roots will form and the lawn will establish itself more quickly, so cordon-off the seeded area with stakes and twine to prevent humans and animals walking on it. You can criss-cross strings of old CDs or pieces of tin foil from your cordon across the soil, to deter birds from eating your grass seeds, or ask our staff for their tips – everyone has a favourite!

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