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Hardy plants ~ grown by us


ashrubsgrpA very small team runs our nursery and yet they produce around 65% of all the plants that we sell in our garden centre.

We strongly believe in locally grown plants for local gardens. For the plants that we do not grow ourselves, we try wherever possible to source them as locally as we can. However with over 700 varieties in production, we are kept busy with our own crops!


Potting into soil based compost


AlisaBatch production means that potting by hand is best for us. This enables us to offer fresh batches of plants from our own nursery throughout the year.

The compost that we use is almost the same as the Cleeve Nursery Multipurpose compost that you can buy from our garden centre. It differs in that it contains rather expensive resin coated slow release fertiliser [like Osmocote] and also Met 52 which is a new natural predator to control vine weevil. of course, it is a peat reduced and soil based mix.


Environmentally sensitive growing


aHosNatural predators are encouraged and introduced when pests are spotted. This means that chemical usage is minimal and our bird and frog population flourish amongst the plants. Pheromone traps enable us to keep some of the more difficult pests under control.

Weed killers are very rarely used on our crops and so meticulous hand weeding ensuring that every weed is pulled as soon as it appears keeps the nursery looking immaculate.


Plant quality is paramount


apolRegular trimming and training ensures that we only produce the best quality plants. Our wastage levels are exceptionally low, largely due to rigorous attention to detail by our production team.




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