Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day

Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day

Mothers Day, mum, mothering sunday, giftWhether you call it  it really doesn’t matter because this is one day when you really get the chance to say ‘thank you’ to that someone who is really special!


A pot plant or an arrangement of plants in a container will be well received .


Fortunately plants come in all shapes and sizes and so fit just about everyone ’s budget.





At this time of year, and especially since we have had a hint that spring is just around the corner with the recent sunshine, I think that it is nice to give outdoor plants.




mothers day, gift, plant, bulb, primroseMy choice would be to go for a planted container filled with spring flowering bedding plants (pansies, primroses, etc) spring-flowering bulbs in bud and a perennial plant or two with attractive foliage.


This will look good on a doorstep, patio or balcony.


Now if you prefer to give something a bit longer lasting then there is certainly no shortage of choice.



camellia, donation, gift, plant

My shortlist would be a Camellia, Rhododendron, azalea, Mahonia, Pittosporum or rose. To this I would have to add one of our special new hellebore hybrids.





primroses, primula, plants, cleeve nurseryHow about a few locally grown primroses?

They are all scented and are loaded with flower buds too.



Staying with smaller plants that are best planted in groups, winter flowering heathers are full of bloom now and will give colour every year in late winter and spring. Right now, as soon as it’s warm enough they (and our hellebores) are covered in honey bees.


Indoor Plants or House Plants for Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day


Moving inside; there is certainly no shortage of good flowering indoor plants at this time of the year!indoor plants, gifts, house, mothers day


Plants in the pocket money range would include Flaming Katy, blue harebell Campanula, pot bulbs and Africa violets [Saintpaulia] .



Mid-price plants include Begonia, Peace Lily and Easter cactus.


More expensive plants – and we are still well below £20 – give a great selection largely dominated by long flowering orchids. But at this time of year it is nice to go seasonal, so sweet-scented jasmine, indoor roses, azaleas and bowls of bulbs are a good choice.


mothers day, gift, plant, african violetWhatever you choose, make your gift complete with a pot cover or outdoor glazed container and don’t forget to ask for gift wrapping!