Mulch & mulching

Mulch and Mulching


MulchingWillWhat is mulch?
Mulch is a protective cover for the soil, which can be derived from a number of materials including bark chippings, leaf mould, well-rotted farmyard manure or gravel.

Mulching can provide nutrients for plants, lock in moisture, form a barrier against weeds and can help to insulate the roots of vulnerable plants from winter cold.

Mulches can also be used as a decorative top layer for playgrounds, parks and gardens.
Mulch and mulching can make life easy in the garden.

Mulching can suppress annual weeds and stop them growing.

Mulch can hold in moisture and make it available throughout the growing season.

Mulch and mulching looks smart and makes your garden look tidy.

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Bed and Border Chipped Bark Mulch


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Bed and Border Chipped Bark can be used for mulching borders and for improving the structure of soils by digging it in. This is especially valuable for light sandy soils and also for heavy clay soils.

Bed and Border Chipped Bark is totally natural and long lasting.

Bed and Border Chipped Bark is a by-product of the timber industry and is therefore a sustainable recycled product. It is harvested under the strict Forestry Stewardship Council [F.S.C.] conditions.

Bark of any type will encourage more microbial activity in your soil and this in turn will make nutrients more readily available to plant roots and improve soil structure making it easier to ‘work’ your soil.

Bark mulch suppresses weeds, traps in moisture which then reduces the need to water your garden, is attractive looking and protects your plant’s roots.

Bed and Border Chipped Bark can be used in children’s play areas but perhaps the coarser Pine Bark Mulch that we sell is likely to last longer.

Bed and Border Chipped Bark can be used in mulching the surface of planted containers to make them look attractive and to give a natural feel to your planting!

Melcourt Bark Nuggets

Melcourt Bark Nuggets, mulch, mulching, bark, pine They are particularly suited to cushion play areas, to decoratively top off pots growing large permanent plants or for creating an attractive mulch in borders.

Melcourt bark nuggets are sourced locally [Tetbury in Gloucestershire] and comes from the bark off pine trees. This type of bark is much longer lasting than chipped and composted bark.


Mushroom Compost


cleeve, nursery, garden, centre,Spent mushroom compost is a great mulch but is not as long lasting as bark. However, as it breaks down it does improve the soil structure – which bark eventually does too.

Mushroom compost has already been used to grow a crop – mushrooms – and whilst it won’t grow more mushrooms in your garden, it does have some low levels of fertiliser left in it.

Mushroom compost comes from local mushroom farms and recycles a waste product very effectively.

Mushroom compost is suitable for mulching most garden plants but mushroom compost is unsuitable for lime hating plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Pieris and summer flowering heathers. 

Spent mushroom compost is a low cost mulching material and looks very smart as soon as it is laid.


Farm Yard Manure


farm yard manure, mulch, mulches, mulchingWell rotted farm yard manure has been used for centuries in gardening!

Whilst normally dug in and incorporated into the soil, farm yard manure can be used as a mulch and left on the surface for earthworms to pull into the soil.

Mulching with farm yard manure is particularly popular with gardeners who grow fruit bushes, canes and trees and with those who have rose borders.

Farm yard manure releases nutrients into the soil slowly and also increases beneficial microbes significantly.  Regular mulching with farm yard manure improves the structure of light sandy and heavy clay soils.


Decorative Gravels


SouthCerneyGravel mulches can be used to cover paths inexpensively, to park cars on or to create a planted gravel garden.

We stock four types of gravel mulch and all are available in 20 kg sacks. Each type is also sold at discounted rates for larger quantities.

The popular gravels that we offer are Cotswold South Cerney gravel, Plum Slate [20-40 mm], Huntley Wood and Chard Flint.

As with all our products, provide a regular weekly kerb side delivery service [charges apply].