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BBC Celebratory Community Garden


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BBC 2 Gardeners World is 50 this year and BBC 1 Points West is 60!
To mark this occasion the BBC are helping a community in Potterne to create a community space!
Alan Down and Cleeve Nursery are supporting this project with advice, materials and of course garden plants!
Alan joins Gardeners World presenters Joe Swift and Flo Headlam, Points West presenter Ali Vowles and BBC executives in helping the Potterne community to realise their dreams.

The transformation of the community site in Potterne and filming has already started and will continue throughout the summer of 2017. It will be featured on BBC Points West, Gardeners’ World and BBC Local Radio Wiltshire.

Two Gardeners World programmes have already featured the Community Garden and the third programme is due to be filmed on Sunday September 3rd. This is likely to be broadcast on Friday September 15th. BBC One Points West has also featured the project several times and plan to also feature it on the 15th.

Read more about this exciting project here


Plant of the Moment – Ornamental Grasses


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Ornamental grasses are beginning to look good!

These trouble free and easy to please plants look so good with late flowering perennial plants and of course we grow many of those in our own nursery too.

Ornamental grasses don’t only look good in autumn but many will be a feature of our gardens right through until late winter.

Grasses bring a softer tone to the colour palette but also reflect light and bring movement into the garden.

Find out more about grasses [and bamboos] here.

Plantsman Roy Lancaster visits Cleeve.

Roy Lancaster, Alan Down, Acer, maple, Cleeve, garden

Plantsman, TV presenter and author Roy Lancaster CBE, VMH revisited Cleeve Nursery in late August to deliver a lecture in Nailsea but also to check on the progress of a couple of trees he planted in the Nursery 33 years ago!

Roy, who has introduced many new plants to the Western World, is pictured with a Paperbark Maple tree which is prominently planted at the top of Cleeve Nursery’s drive.

This tree, raised from seed by Cleeve Nursery’s owner Alan Down, was planted by Mr Lancaster on April 28th 1984 to mark the re-launch of this local plant business.

Alan and Felicity worked with Roy in Hampshire before taking over Cleeve Nursery and went on many local plant hunting trips together.

On seeing the paperbark maple [Acer griseum] Roy remarked that it was as good as any he had ever seen and that included trees that he had found in the wild in China!

Roy also admired a Maidenhair tree [Ginkgo biloba] that he planted at the same time. This tree is on the edge of the nursery and Roy remarked that it had grown into a particularly fine shape and that often young trees of ginkgo can be rather misshapen and gaunt. Alan had also raised this from seed.

Both trees were less than waste high and thinner than a pencil when planted! They are both noted for fine autumn leaf colour but the maple has very attractive peeling cinnamon coloured bark too.

Roy Lancaster gave a lecture at Nailsea Methodist Church Hall filled with members and guests of Fagus Gardening Club. Over 200 people listened to Roy recalling his life in plants. This included his early beginnings searching for rare British native plants to plant hunting trips in China and the Himalayas.



News – Plastic Pot Recycling


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Plastic Pot Re-cycling
Plant Pot Recycling Plant pot recycling is important to us and one of the services that we provide to be more sustainable as a local business is plastic pot recycling. Here is a 44 ft truck load we sent off in that last week of September 2014.
We now sell an exciting and novel range of garden goods made from recycled plastic pots and containers. These are from a company called A Short Walk. Labels, bird feeders, propagators, chalk boards, clocks and seed cells – useful gifts for gardeners here!

News – Old Tool Recycling


Old and unwanted tools are refurbished and given to worthy causes.
Bring tools to us – no electric tools, saws or secateurs please – and we will get them off to a local school where they will be refurbished for schools and communities to use! We are currently looking for suitable recipients for these refurbished tools so if you know of a group or school who would benefit do let us know!

NO Yew Clippings for Cancer Drugs


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Regrettably we will NOT be collecting yew clippings to turn into cancer drugs this summer [2017].

The company that normally collects them from us tell us that the drug companies already have enough material in storage from previous years.
We would appreciate it if you did not bring in yew hedge clippings this summer as we will only refuse them.