Plant of the Moment – Herbs


Herbs, herb, plants, food, garnish, flavourHerb plants are at their tasiest and best in May and so Plant of the Moment for May!

We sell over 40 types of herbs which of course includes all the popular ones like mint, parsley, chives, basil, marjoram, thyme, rosemary and sage. But we offer a lot of the less common herb plants too!



Check out our main page on Herbs and Herb Plants here


Hardy Fuchsias – a fresh crop from our nursery!

Fuchsia Chillerton Beauty, fuchsias, hardy fuchsias

We’ve just put on sale a fresh crop of hardy Fuchsia!
These plants – grown in our own nursery – are full of flower buds and looking great!
Planted now in the right spot, these hardy varieties will go on getting better in your garden year after year.


Heron Cam progress

Cleeve heronry is located behind us here at Cleeve Nursery. This heronry is the largest in the old county of Avon.

Normally we would be beaming live pictures from a heron’s nest into our wild bird area of our shop. However, this year the selected nest was blown out of the tree by early spring gales and the herons have not rebuilt.

Nevertheless you can follow the progress here and see how the herons have coped with the late bad weather.


You’ll see that the British Trust for Ornithology survey shows a drop in numbers but with over 30 nests occupied there are still a lot of birds!

There’s more about the BTO survey here.

Succulents and Cacti are all the rage!


Succulent plants, plant, garden, Cleeve Nursery

Suddenly everyone wants to grow succulents and cacti again!

After falling out of favour for a few years we have seen a tremendous rise in the demand for these easy to care for plants!

Succulent plants and cacti are tough and non demanding plants to grow on windowsills and really anywhere where the light is good!

A little water and some feed every now and then is all they ask for and some of them have quite spectacular flowers when they flower.
Some of the succulent plants will even be happy outside in summer and of course those hardy alpine ones such as Sempervivium and alpine Sedum are fully hardy.

 Hardy Hydrangeas


We’ve just put on sale a fresh crop of hardy Hydrangeas!
These plants – also grown in our own nursery – are full of flower buds and well branched!
Planted now in large pots or borders these hardy varieties will go on getting better in your garden year after year.

Air Plants are in stock and in vogue too!

Air Plants, Tillandsia

We have a whole new range to open with in 2018!

Air plants and Tillandsia are very much back in fashion!

This new but specialist range that we are sourcing directly from the British grower and comes with all the supporting materials to make these fascinating plants flourish.

Here are more details and tips on Air Plants and Tillandsia that we now have in stock.


News – Old Tool Recycling


Old and unwanted tools are refurbished and given to worthy causes.
Bring tools to us – no electric tools, saws or secateurs please – and we will get them off to a local school where they will be refurbished for schools and communities to use! We are currently looking for suitable recipients for these refurbished tools so if you know of a group or school who would benefit do let us know!

Alan’s Garden Tips back in your local paper



Roy Lancaster, Alan Down, Acer, maple, Cleeve, garden
Alan Down [L] pictured with lifelong plantsman friend Roy Lancaster [R]
After a short break Alan Down is once again giving useful gardening tips in the Western Daily Press.
Instead of the two page spread that he has written for this title for over 11 years he is now concentrating on “One thing you should do now in your garden and how”

This fortnightly feature in the Saturday Western Daily Press also appears in the Friday edition of  the Bristol Post. You can find it too in the lifestyle magazines of the Bath Chronicle, Western Morning News and Gloucester’s paper The Citizen.