Our Production Nursery

Our Production Nursery


ageneralLAUnlike lots of retailers we actually grow a lot of our plants! With over 700 varieties in production at any one time and over 65% of the plants that we sell in our retail nursery coming from our own production, plants are definitely important to us!

Of course, there are some specialist items that we leave to others to grow but where possible these are grown locally too.

We grow a very wide range of plants and are always on the look out for the best selectiions to grow. This doesn’t mean that the old tried and trusted ones are not grown…far from it, we grow those too!

Whilst not being truly organic growers, we do grow our plants with our impact on the environment in mind. Natural predators, compost tea, reduced peat and recycling are issues and techniques that we constantly incorporating in our growing regimes.

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aperennialsHardy perennial plants are one of our greatest strengths. Occasionally we open our otherwise closed to the public production nursery and summer visitors are amazed at the palette of colour that these perennial plants display. We have the greatest range of perennial plants in late spring and summer and we grow a good mix of old varieties and the newest too.

This is a group of plants that have been the top sellers in recent years.

We specialise in growing Penstemons, Epimedium, Heuchera, Heucherella, Hellebores but we have a very extensive range of all the others too!

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ashrubsHardy shrubs and bushes form the backbone of any garden so we grow a comprehensive range. From Abelia to Yucca [well there isn’t much demand for Zenobia!] we grow both deciduous and evergreen bushes all the year round.

These shrubs of course take a little longer to grow but some of them are planted out to become the Extra Large Plants [scroll down for more details]

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Shade Lovers


ashadeLAMany shrubs and perennial plants are of course shade loving plants but we also grow Hosta, Epimedium, Mahonia and periwinkles. Another specialism of ours is to grow an extensive range of hardy ferns. Of course Hellebores will grow well in shady places and this too is a great strength of ours.

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Extra Large Plants


aRCBSome of the best hardy plants are grown on by us to much larger sizes. These bigger bushes are grown in special root control bags. This means that very large sized plants will transplant much more readily and give instant effect in the garden!

This way of growing extra large plants is uncommon in the UK but with 10 years of experience, we are confident that it produces excellent results

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