Pansies and Violas

Pansies and Violas


pansy, pansies, viola, violas, bedding plantsPansies and Violas will flower every month of the year!

Pansies are actually large flowered forms of Viola and are regarded as much showier bedding plants but Viola plants have their cuter charm and are preferred by some for growing in window boxes and pots.

One thing that Pansies and Violas have in common is that they are very easy garden plants to grow!

Both Pansies and Viola plants are half hardy garden annuals, but are used in the garden as bedding plants for borders, pot plants for containers on patios and terraces and excellent flowering and scented plants for hanging baskets and window boxes.




pansy, pansies, bedding plantPansies have been the focus of plant breeders attention for many years and the resulting bedding plants now feature almost every colour you could imagine.

Many have extra large blooms, all are sweetly scented bedding plants and most will give instant colour to a spring, summer or winter garden. In fact, they flower virtually every month of the year!


Single colour or bi-colour Pansies


pansies, pansy, bedding plants, potsMany varieties of pansies are bi-colored. That is they have a different colour in the centre, on the edge or top and bottom of each flower! This creates great colour contrasts and combinations.

Many pansy plants have ‘solid’ colours – that is the whole flower is of the same colour. The range of colours available in pansies now is vast! This creates the opportunity for you to be creative and make your own great colour recipe combinations.


Winter Flowering Pansies


pansies, winter flowering pansy, bedding plantWinter Flowering Pansies have been around for many years but they have steadily improved as plant breeders have refined and improved the performance and colour range of winter flowering pansies .

It’s important to plant your winter flowering pansies early in the autumn since late planted pansy plants often are shy at flowering until the days lengthen again. Most winter flowering pansies are strongly scented.




viola, violas, bedding, plantThe simple small blooms of Viola get their charm and cuteness from the native heartsease which can be found around arable field margins.

Lacking the strong scent of pansies, the viola has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. The relish a cool shady moist place but will grow in full sun if they receive regular moisture and feed. It is also essential to remove old flowers to prevent them setting seed which causes a slowing down of the growth of more blooms.

Newer Violas varieties perform much better in winter and can now produce a very pretty display right through until summer. They look especially good when planted with dwarf spring flowering bulbs such as crocus, short stemmed daffodils and tulips but there are many other great colour combinations to play with.


Single Colour Violas


viola, violas, bedding plantJust like pansies, violas have a big colour range. They also bloom right throughout the year but are best replaced when they become straggly.

Single colour Viola plants offer fantastic colour combinations as bedding plants, pot plants, window box, hanging basket or just planted in borders.