Pelargonium and Geranium plants

Pelargoiumfor Bedding


apelPelargonium or Geranium plants? Well, they are actually Pelargonium with just the hardy perennial Geranium [which we grow lots of] now called ‘geraniums’!

So Pelargoniums are perennial but not hardy and relish heat and sunshine! Brought inside for winter they continue to flower on windowsills and in conservatories but most will be thrown away in autumn and replaced the next spring.

Plant after risks of spring frost is past and watch them bloom until late autumn.

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Pelargonium for Containers


apotpelFor containers, tubs and window boxes; bushy upright growing zonal Pelargoniums are fantastic and very easy to look after.

They require less water than other bedding plants and don’t mind small pots either.

Colours vary from pure white, through every shade of pink, orange, purple and the ever-popular red too! There are many very showy variegated leaf varieties that present great colour combination opportunities too.

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Pelargonium for Hanging Baskets


apelhangTrailing Pelargoniums [Ivy Leaf Geraniums] relish heat and full sun.

Long flowering, good colour range and easy care make these a popular choice for hanging baskets, window boxes and to trail over the edge of pots and troughs.

Trailing Pelargonium are hard to beat in window boxes where they trail over the edge and produce hundreds of flowers all out together.

Favourites of ours are the small flowered Cascade types since their small flowers are so prolific that they cover the foliage completely.

A full range of colours are available in spring at Cleeve.

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Pelargonium for Scent


apelscentSome Pelargonium [Scented Geraniums] have strongly scented leaves that are worth growing for that reason alone!

Often grown with herb plants in pots, these are very traditional and evocative of days gone by.

Many have dainty blooms that complement their attractive scented leaves!