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James Wong, Cleeve Nursery, Bristol We get many nice things said about our Nursery and Garden Centre but it always nice to get a quote from someone well known and famous!

James Wong presents BBC Countryfile and had his own very successful TV series called ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’.

James is an ethnobotanist and believes fervently that we need to reconnect with plants and food.

James tweeted after he visited the nursery in spring 2013

“Awesome nursery, just as shame I don’t live 100 miles closer”

Praise Indeed!

James’ selection of less common edible plants that can be grown from seed and are available from Cleeve Nursery in the Suttons Seeds Homegrown Revolution range.

From Chris and Jacquie Robertson

We were delighted to be winners of the Western Daily Press Garden Competition and understand you had an input into the selection process. It is nice to see an ‘expert’ who appreciates what we have done, the garden is by no means perfect, but then, is any garden perfect? It is what you make it! Although we have seen the best of the roses, we purchased 8 different varieties from your nursery earlier in the year and everyone has exceeded expectations.
And…….the Garlic Wonder works! Once again, many thanks.

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