Petunia and Petunia bedding plant flowers

Petuniasfor Bedding


ApetuBy far the most popular of all Petunia bedding plants, this group of Petunias are grown from seed and are annual plants. With a spectacularly large range of flower colours, and their ability to flower from spring until late autumn, it is little wonder that Petunias are amongst the most popular of all bedding plants and flowers.
With the demise of Busy Lizzies, due to downy mildew problems [Impatiens], Petunias are likely to become the No. 1 best selling bedding plant.
For border planting use the smaller flowered types such as Express Series.

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Petunias for Containers


apetfanfFor containers, tubs and window boxes the larger grandiflora types are more spectacular but the new Fanfare types look very good too!

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Petunias for Hanging Baskets


ApetSurfTrailing Petunia Surfinia shook up the hanging basket plant choices a few years ago and now it would be hard to imagine a time without Trailing Petunia. A full range of colours, some sweetly scented, and with that incredible vigour and freedom to flower that trailing Petunias have, are available in spring at Cleeve.

Double flowered trailing Petunia Tumberlina are always popular too and several of these are very strongly scented.

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Small flowered Petunias for Hanging Baskets


AmillRelatives of Petunias, the Million Bells, Carillon and Calibrachoa range of varieties and colours are exceptionally popular too.

These have tiny flowers but are produced in profusion!

Long flowering, good colour range and easy care make these a popular choice for hanging baskets, window boxes and to trail over the edge of pots and troughs.