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Plant Pots & Trays


plantpotsTerracotta, glazed, wood or just plastic, we always have a huge selection. Pots and containers need to compliment your home and garden so we have styles that are contemporary right through to rustic and traditional.

From tiny 9cm pots to chest-high monsters, we have them in every size too! We often have serious price reductions on our pots but we also stock great value pots form Yorkshire. Those pots have withstood the test of time from this 100yr old pot company! All our outdoor pots are guaranteed to be frost resistant.

HotcolouredpotsBright and striking fashionable colours will compliment some of the striking plants that we sell!

Find out about Outdoor Containers that we sell.

More mundane, but equally important for plant raising, we have a very comprehensive range of Botanical’s seed trays and cell packs. Re-usable Rootrainers are brilliant for deep rooted seedlings such as sweet peas and beans.

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propagationPropagators for raising early seedlings or rooting cuttings are great fun to use and give you a real sense of achievement. Most are heated but all make great gifts for keen gardeners!

Hormone rooting powder, seed and cutting compost and, of course, sharp knives are stocked all year round.