fruitpickingNothing beats picking your own fruit, from plump, sun-warm strawberries to juicy apples. We stock a range of fruit trees, bushes and soft fruit plants to make your mouth water. And just think of the glorious spring blossom!

Apples, Pears, Plums and Cherries are available as trees, and for the small garden, as ‘Minarettes’ – columnar heavy croppers, small enough to grow in pots.

Redcurrants, Blackcurrants, Whitecurrants, Blueberries and Gooseberries are in stock most months of the year. Cane fruits available include Raspberry, Blackberry, Tayberry and Loganberry. And for the traditional Sunday pud – rhubarb.

We also carry less common fruit trees such as Medlar, Quince, Mulberry and Goji berry.

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Blueberries in basketUntil recently, blueberries seemed to be as American as…well…blueberry pie, but the first blueberry plants were actually introduced in England in 1949, and the British blueberry is now one of the best in the world.

Since our local soils usually contain too much lime for these real lime-haters, it is best to grow them in pots. We find that the oak half barrels filled with Ericaceous compost keeps them happy. Plants available year round!

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Fruit Bushes


fruitbushes1There is nothing nicer than picking jewel-like soft fruit from your own bushes, but soft fruits can also be frozen for a taste of summer all year long, and are good for juicy desserts and preserves.

Best varieties of Redcurrants, Blackcurrants, Whitecurrants, Blueberries and Gooseberries are in stock most months of the year but the full range is available autumn to spring.

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Fruit Trees


fruittrees1Fruit trees, especially the good old British apple, are adapted to local conditions so you will find regional varieties as well as mainstream ones in stock and that’s why it pays to buy your trees locally at Cleeve Nursery, where our experience counts.

Of course, there are plenty of varieties of apple, pear, plum, damson and cherry and a variety of rootstocks to suit most sizes of gardens. Trees are offered as fan, bush, espalier, Minarette [upright cordon] and occasionally as half standard too.

Don’t forget that we have a combined 140+ years of gardening experience to draw on!

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rasberry13One of the most sought-after summer fruits, the home-grown raspberry can be of a size, colour, texture, juiciness and flavour unknown in the supermarkets, so well worth growing, especially as you can count on about 1½lb of fruit every 30cm (12in) of a row! And remember, an ultra-fresh, sun-warmed raspberry is one of summer’s taste sensations!

Potted virus tested raspberry canes are available autumn to spring but we often have pot grown canes available at other times.

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rhubarb1Increasing in popularity, two or three rhubarb plants tucked in a corner of the garden can be almost neglected, yet 18 months after planting they will provide you with around 2.5kg (5.5lb) juicy stems per plant for pies and puddings at a time when little else is cropping in the garden.

Plants available throughout the year but best choice in early spring.

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strawberries1The taste of home-grown garden strawberries has to one of the best summer tastes ever, a million times superior to bought strawberries. And with so many different sizes, shapes and intense flavours to choose between, there must be room in every garden for a few plants.

These grow happily in pots, windowboxes and strawberry planters too.

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grapesmWhether it’s due to climate change or to global warming one thing is certain…. we can grow good grapes in Britain!

We stock grape vines to grow sweet dessert grapes and grape vines to produce very good wines too.

These are in stock all year round and we can advise you on which variety to grow and how to grow it.

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