Hanging Basket Plants



hangingbasketDecorating our homes, work places, towns and pubs with hanging baskets is almost entirely a British trait. We certainly do it better than anyone else and now we have a fantastic range of plants to grow in our hanging baskets.

You should plant your hanging basket with flowers anytime from March [if you have a greenhouse] till mid June for the best summer display.

Hanging basket plants are also available to plant up hanging baskets in autumn and this will provide autumn, winter and early spring display.

awallbasketMost popular choices of hanging basket plants include Surfinia petunias, trailing fuchsia, lobelia, pansy, trailing geraniums [Pelargonium] and helichrysum. More recently other plants such as Bacopa, Sutera, Bidens, Diascia, Verbena and many others have become popular.

Of course, there is no reason why you shouldn’t grow herbs, certain vegetables and even ground cover roses in hanging baskets!

Empty hanging baskets, hanging basket brackets and liners are always available. Specialist slow release fertilisers and compost is stocked too.

abasketHanging basket plants are available primarily in spring and autumn. All our plants are grown for us by local West Country growers.

If you feel daunted by the prospect of planting your own hanging baskets enquire about one of our demonstrations, buy one ready planted by us or let us plant your baskets for you!

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