RosegardenatDavidAustinRosesRoses are perennial plants that are a quintessential part of the English garden. Climbers, ramblers, hybrid teas, cluster flowered [floribunda], ground cover and patio roses are well represented in our Nursery. But with hundreds of new varieties coming on the market each year we have to be selective and only stock the best! A well stocked rose border can boast blooms from early summer into late autumn and the perfume of some roses is exquisite.

Roses are in stock throughout the year but the best choice will be found from March to July.

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Rose Bushes


rosebushA gift of roses to commemorate a special event is very popular and to that end we always have a choice of varieties with appropriate celebratory names. We try to avoid varieties that are more prone to disease and look for those with the best scent too!
Fear not, for the romantic, there are red roses too! However, the blue rose, due to it’s poor disease resistance, will not be found at Cleeve.

Hybrid tea, cluster flowered [floribunda] and patio roses are well represented in our stock of rose bushes. Of course good perennials, like catmint and pinks for underplanting your roses, can be found too.

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Climbing Roses


rosecClimbing roses and rambling roses are at home in gardens of many styles. They particularly suit cottage gardens but equally look at home trained around the door of a town house. A few miniature climbers can be even grown in containers and other more vigorous climbing roses and rambling roses look at their best when trained into large trees and conifers.

Their long flowering and fantastic scent make them firm garden favourites. There is always a good range in stock at Cleeve and plenty of plant supports to choose from too.

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David Austin Roses


DApinkroseWorld renowned as the rose breeder of our time, David Austin has combined the beauty, form and fragrance of the best old varieties with the free-flowering and natural disease resistance of the modern ones.

David Austin is such a prolific breeder that we have to be selective and have space for only the best of his rose bushes.

As a main stockist for these fabulous rose plants, Cleeve Nursery is well placed to provide you with roses for a new border, roses to plant amongst shrubs or rose bushes to climb on your walls.

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Ground Cover Roses


rosegroundUsed widely by landscape designers, ground cover rose bushes can be very useful and attractive in the garden. Covering steep, difficult to manage banks, covering the soil under rose bushes or even growing in hanging baskets; these rose bushes are easy to please!
An added benefit is that they generally have strong in-built disease resistance and are consequently easy to grow too.

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Rose Care


rosecareKeeping your roses looking at their best requires regular care. Pest and diseases can be prevented by regularly spraying with Roseclear. Better establishment and performance is enhanced by adding Rootgrow root enhancing mycorrhizal fungi. Newly planted and established rose plants will perform better if regularly fed with Toprose fertiliser. Farmyard manure added in during the winter or spring will grow better blooms. Obelisks, arches and plant support structures are always in stock for climbing and rambling varieties.

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