trees12We have in our range trees with flowers, attractive leaves, berries or even coloured bark…..and some trees have more than one of these attributes! Don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself.

Flowering cherry trees, Amelanchier, crab apples and rowan [mountain ash] of course are always popular but we sell many other British grown trees. In spring the weeping pussy willow is popular, later hawthorn, Laburnum and maples are in demand but birch trees are popular all year round.

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Bay Trees


trees13Sweet Bay (Laurus nobilis), produces the aromatic bay leaves that add flavour to meat dishes and milk puddings, so can be considered another garden crop.

But bay trees are also very popular for giving a cool, urban look to your garden, most often seen as standards, trimmed into pyramids or lollipop shapes and stood in pots or planters on either side of the front door.

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Christmas Trees


trees14Pick a Cleeve Nursery Christmas tree and set the scene for your perfect Christmas.

A 2m (7 ft) tree can take between 8 and 12 years to grow, which makes our cut trees very good value for money – choose the one that is just right for your room. We sell Christmas trees suitable for a table top to a town hall with all the sizes in between.

Most of our Christmas trees are grown locally but some of the best are grown for us in Ireland where the damp weather suits them best.

We have customers who have been returning to us for over 20 years to get the best Christmas trees in the area!

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Evergreen Trees


PhotiniatreeWorth paying a little more for because of their year-round beauty, evergreen trees are either conifers – such as pines, firs, junipers, cypress, yews and spruces – or broad-leaved trees like holly, Photinia and Eucalyptus, Some magnolias and oaks are also evergreen.

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Flowering Trees


trees16Your first thought may be fruit trees, and it is impossible to fault the idea of a blossom-laden apple, pear, plum or cherry tree in spring time. However, there are many other flowering trees widely available, in all shapes and sizes, evergreen or deciduous.

Flowering cherry trees, crab apples and rowan [mountain ash] are of course always popular but we sell many other locally grown trees. In spring the weeping pussy willow is popular, later hawthorn, Laburnum and maples are in demand but birch trees and Amelanchier are popular all year round.

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Japanese Maple Trees


trees17At Cleeve Nursery, we sell a large variety of Japanese Maples because they are some of the best foliage plants for the gardener. They are delicate and graceful looking deciduous trees grown for their fiery autumn colour and beautiful leaves which may be deeply cut [dissected] or hand-shaped, which is what gave the tree its Latin name, Acer palmatum.

Japanese maples, especially those with the finely divided leaves, make brilliant and easy container plants.

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Olive Trees


trees18As a reminder of Mediterranean holidays, the olive tree is perfect, needing very little maintenance and being particularly hardy. One tree won’t keep you in olives or olive oil all year, but the tiny flowers, graceful grey foliage and the drooping fruit that goes from green to black will be a delight.

A potted olive makes an excellent and sophisticated gift.

All plants are covered by our two year guarantee.

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