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potatoes1Who doesn’t love the good old spud and since its introduction to Europe by Spain in 1536.

its one of the most common vegetable plants. Its easy to grow and can be grown in many spaces and vessels including tyres, potato growing bags, pots and raised beds.

We have many potato growing ideas and have over 25 varieties of potato in stock from January on. Whether you prefer salad, new, baked, chipped or jacketed potatoes we have the seed potato for you.

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tomatoes1Growing tomatoes with tomato seeds and tomato plants is fun, easy and tomatoes can be used in a variety of recipes.

The origin of tomatoes is South America and it is claimed that they have properties that contribute to more than just healthy eating.

We stock tomato seeds and plants and offer a range of tomato feeds, grow bags and free advice.

We also stock peppers, chillies, cucumbers and other greenhouse vegetables.

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Root Vegetables


root_vegetables1Imagine the taste of fresh pulled carrots from your own plot….there is nothing to compare with it!

There are many varieties of root vegetable plants that you can grow. But with seed or plant options and great advice you’ll be rooting up your fresh crop with ease and success in no time.

Carrots, parsnips, onions, beetroot, they are all here and not difficult to grow. Fresh, home grown root vegetables taste far better than tired shop-bought ones and you always have the thrill of saying “I grew that!”

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Vegetable Seeds & Flower Seeds


seed-packetsCleeve Nursery is the main stockist for Sutton Seeds and Kings Seeds offering you both standard and organic seeds.

With a comprehensive choice of vegetables [root, salad, leaf, cabbages, sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, etc] to herbs and even patio vegetables, we have seeds to cater for each size and budget. And don’t forget that our friendly, experienced staff are on hand to provide advice when you visit.

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Grow Your Own


grow-own34Everyone who loves cooking or gardening will tell you that growing your own fruit and veg is a great pastime and extremely rewarding, especially when you eat or share your own produce.

To help you get the most out of grow your own, we have in store and on our website, dedicated sections about the vegetable plants you can grow and advice on growing vegetables. Plus with fruit, herbs and salads you can make a meal that satisfies the soul as well as the stomach!

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Peas & Beans


Growing vegetables, such as peas or beans, is easy and with high yields from your vegetable plants you’ll find peas and beans a joy to grow, harvest and eat. Kids love them!

There are many varieties to choose from and with some experienced advice on growing vegetables like peas and beans you’ll get bug free vegetable plants that you’ll enjoy growing every year.

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herbs10Herbs are one of those vegetable plants you start to love because they are easy to grow and taste great when fresh from the garden.

You can buy herb seeds or herb plants and growing vegetables like herbs can help bring beneficial wildlife into your garden. As well as looking attractive they provide scent and great foliage variety too.

At peak in spring, over 40 varieties of herb plants are on sale.

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lettuceWho can’t resist the taste and freshness of salad vegetables and with a variety of seeds and vegetable plants to make it easy to grow you’ll find every thing you need at Cleeve Nursery.

Vegetable plants like salads are simple, need simple regular care, sunshine and water, but apart from that you’ll find growing vegetablessuch as lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and others fun for any age or taste.
There is room in even the smallest garden to grow these!

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