Poinsettia Care

Poinsettia care tips in the home.

Poinsettias say “Christmas” more than any other pot plant!

In this very short video you will find helpful tips on poinsettia care and how to look after your poinsettias when you get them home!





Remember that poinsettia pot plants are not always red but they all need the same poinsettia care.

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Just some of the Poinsettia colour variations we have at Cleeve Nursery

Of all the Christmas pot plants, poinsettias are still our favourite. Their showy red bracts set against green foliage are the two principle colours of the season. But now, there are other shades to choose from. Cream rather than pure white looks especially good with the reds and appears to ‘lift’ the effect. Two tone and variegated bracts are a more acquired taste but the most spectacular display will be seen when several of all these colours are grouped together. Like many indoor plants they just seem to be happier in a group!

Knowing that poinsettias enjoy the warmth, why not display them in a novel warm way? Try replacing the normal pot cover with a knitted cosy! Drop the small sized ones into little cloth bags and hang them on a bare branch framework taken from the hedgerow or woods.

Of course all poinsettias are specially treated during cultivation to grow more compact than they would normally and have had the day-length shortened to entice the bracts to develop in time for Christmas. Left to their own devices, they would end up very ‘leggy’ and with a few coloured bracts developing around Easter!

Choose wisely – choose local!

But well grown locally produced plants will have a strong and healthy root system and will have not had to endure hours in a chilly dark truck! Garage forecourts or draughty doorways are to be avoided too, so my advice is to shun any you see mistreated in this way and seek out a cosy warm garden centre, florist or nursery where the needs of these spectacular plants are understood!

We stock Poinsettias from late November to Christmas Eve.

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Celebrate National Poinsettia Day!

  • December 12th marks National Poinsettia Day – chosen not just for its proximity to Christmas, but because it’s the anniversary of the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett, the American ambassador in Mexico who first brought poinsettias to the USA and in whose honour the plant was named. But did you also know?


  • Poinsettias were first put to use by the Aztecs to adorn temples – the plants were seen as a symbol of new life for warriors who had fallen in battle.


  • The first poinsettia plant reached Europe in 1804, travelling with naturalist Alexander von Humboldt.


  • It is said to be the favourite flower of the Aztec ruler Montezuma, who believed the red colouration of its upper leaves came from the blood of an Aztec goddess who died of a broken heart.


  • More than 4 million poinsettias are grown in the UK each year to supply the ever-growing Christmas market. Poinsetiias are grown in an increasing range of vibrant colours from red and maroon, to bright pink and subtle winter whites and creams.