Potatoes for Christmas

Potatoes -very late crop; perhaps even for Christmas!


PotatoesfreshdugNew potatoes for Christmas dinner?
Yes, really it can be done!

By planting seed tubers in late summer fresh dug homegrown new potatoes could be on your plate on Christmas Day!

From late July we stock potato varieties that are suitable to grow for this very late crop. This is the time of year to plant for harvesting from November onwards.

PotatobagsYou can either choose to grow them in raised beds or in your veg patch or grow them in large containers filled with good quality potting compost and finish the crop off by bringing the pots into a polytunnel or greenhouse at the end of October.

Potatoes grown outside will need to be protected from an attack of late blight if there is this disease in your area. Those in pots can simply be moved inside to keep the foliage drier and this is usually enough to prevent

potatohaulmWe have
Maris Peer – an excellent salad potato with good slug resistance, fine flavour and good cooking qualities.
Charlotte – produces a good crop of long, medium sized oval tubers. Yellow skin covers waxy flesh that is a mouth-watering buttery yellow, perfect for making potato salads or hot with cold dishes. Great flavour!
Pentland Javelin – An older but first rate early potato. Waxy white fleshed and tasty ‘new’ potato. Smallish regular sized tubers.
Good nematode resistance so popular for older veg plots and allotments. Easy to grow due to good general disease resistance.

Suitable bags, pots and compost for growing your very late crop of new potatoes is in stock now too.

Remember that to grow these early new potatoes for Christmas we only have the seed potato tubers for a few weeks in summer.