Our Production Nursery Shrubs

AFshrubAll our shrubs are either pot grown or grown to a very large size in special root control bags.

In pots we use peat reduced compost with added resin coated slow release fertiliser. This is the same sort of compost as our top selling own brand of multipurpose compost.

Find out more about our own Cleeve Nursery multipurpose compost.

We grow an extensive range of the very best varieties of New Zealand Flax [Phormium] and Torbay Palms [Cordyline].


AKarlRegular application of a commercail version of Growing Success Organic Slug Killer keeps slug and snail damage down and doesn’t harm our frog and bird population that thrives amongst the crops.




alavLavender can be a challenging crop to grow! However, we have found the answer and grow exceptionally good batches of this lovely plant throughout the year.

Regular application of fresh brewed Compost Tea seems to be the key to keeping diseases at bay when growing these plants in the nursery. Compost Tea works well in the garden too but must be fresh.

Find out more about our Compost Tea