Our Production Nursery How We Grow

arcb (1)With excellent soil and regular trimming and training, we can grow large plants of exceptional high quality. It takes around 3 years from planting to harvesting but most plants are already 2-3 years old before they get planted out. The end result is shrubs that will give instant impact in your garden!
The root control bags are dug into our soil and the special stitched fabric bags [made in Scotland] then encourage an especially fibrous root system to grow inside the bag. When the plants are ready, we dig them out and the bag is removed revealing the perfect root system for successful establishment!

Kirsty and Jane are responsible for the production of our extra large shrubs. Find out more about our team.

We grow mostly large evergreen shrubs with cherry laurel bushes being the most popular variety. But you will also find Mahonia, Nandina, Pittosporum, Cordyline, Osmanthus, Photinia Red Robin and large screening leylandii conifers.
Transplanting success has been so good that we have only had to replace one shrub in 10 years of production and hundreds of extra large shrubs sold.

alaurelExtra large Laurels are a speciality and this crop has grown really well.We are lifting from this crop from autumn 2012 and because of the unique root control bags that we have grown them these soon produce a dense screen or neat hedge.