Our Production Nursery Perennials

arudbOur perennials provide quite a spectacle when in flower!
Of course, most of them are moved from our production nursery [which is not open to the public] on the north side of the A370 main road to the garden centre displays as soon as they start to bloom.

Rudbeckia Goldsturm is one of our big sellers and little surprise since it flowers for so long and is easy to grow.

We pot up batches of the same variety to ensure fresh and almost continuous supply of healthy plants for sale.


Our plants are treated with regular doses of fresh brewed Compost Tea to keep them healthy without using masses of chemicals. Visit Compost Tea and find out more about this interesting and environmentally friendly technique spearheaded by us.


ahelle_000Hellebores really start the season for us with many giving late winter colour but most in flower in early spring.

Our breeding and selection programme has already thrown up many exciting new colours and flower forms of Hellebores. Our own Ciderhouse Hellebore strain is noted for the large open blooms and the heavy sepal spotting.

With new lines from a gifted amateur breeder in Belgium coming on stream soon, we have one of the finest ranges of this fashionable perennial plant available.


aechinEchinacea, or cone flowers, are also fashionable perennial plants to grow. We grow only the best varieties with the common magenta and white varieties being supported by yellows, oranges, deep reds and soft pinks too.

Echinacea are sun lovers and are loved by bees too.

Other plants that we grow that are liked by bees, insects and butterflies include Aster, Verbena, Sedum, Helenium and of course lavender.


aheuchWith colourful leaves all the year round it is little wonder that Heuchera and Heucherella are top selling border perennial plants.

We grow over 20 varieties of these and are always assessing any new varieties that are introduced.
Many have pretty flowers in spring and summer and virtually all have exceptionally attractive leaves to brighten up any border or planted container.