Rhododendron, Azalea, Heathers and Camellias

Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Pieris


arhodoAlthough needing lime free soil conditions, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Pieris and other so called ‘lime hating’ plants produce spectacular colour in the garden.

All can easily be grown in pots and, as they mature, in large containers using Ericaceous [lime free] compost.

Most are shade tolerant so lend themselves to growing in the shady cooler areas of the garden. They often thrive under the shade of large deciduous trees and this mimics the conditions that they are found in in the wild.

Most are extremely hardy but the fiery red new shoots of Pieris can be damaged by late frosts. The white bell shaped blooms that hang in bunches from the top of each shoot reminds one of lily of the valley. Forest Flame and Flaming Silver are the most popular Pieris varieties.

Evergreen Azaleas have dainty but showy blooms in spring and are especially suited to growing in pots. We always have plenty of compact Yakushimanum Rhododendrons [and others] in stock but the greatest range will be found in spring when we stock up from our English specialist grower.

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aheatherHeathers are great easy ground cover plants that require very low maintenance to grow.

They grow best in full sun and are very wind resistant.

It is possible, with the choice of varieties that we have from our specialist English grower, to have heathers in bloom every week of the year!


HeatherbedSummer and autumn flowering varieties need acid soils with a pH below neutral. Most winter flowering heathers will tolerate the soils with a higher pH that are common around Bristol. Find out more about winter flowering heathers.

Plant the same variety of heather in groups of 3, 5, 7 or more for best effect. Heathers look good when planted with dwarf conifers and bulbs.

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AcamelliaOne of the most spectacular flowering evergreen shrubs, Camellias are more tolerant of higher soil pH.

Like Rhododendrons, they like some shade but will grow well in full sun if there is plenty of moisture.

This is another hardy shrub that is good for growing in pots using lime free J A Bowers Ericaceous compost.

Our specialist English growers produce for us well budded plants and many make excellent gifts with varieties such as Silver Anniversary and Ruby Wedding always in demand.

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