Rose Bushes from Cleeve Nursery

rosebush2Bush varieties are ideal for planting in beds & borders. Many of them are scented and much sought after for flower arranging.

They come in two types – Hybrid Tea which carries large, classical, high-centred blooms on single stems, or Floribunda which have clusters of smaller flowers on each stem. Forming compact bushes (with a typical height of 90-120cm), and giving you lots of flowers throughout the summer, these are the most popular type of roses. They commonly flower twice, firstly from June to July and giving a second show from late August until the first frosts.

Shrub roses are less formal or regular in shape, and are perfect for cottage-garden style planting. They offer a superb variety of flowers and have attractive hips and foliage. Patio roses grow well in containers or small borders as they do not grow too large.
Fill a bed with bush roses, or grow them as a hedge (plant them 60-90cm apart). Site a special one individually in the middle of a border or in a large pot. Whichever you choose, your Cleeve Nursery bush roses will give you years of pleasure and colour in your garden.

These are the most popular type of roses for growing in any beds and borders. They form compact bushes and give you lots of flowers throughout the summer. If you are just looking for a good rose to grow in your garden, then go for these.

They generally have two flushes of flower, the first from June to July and then a second show from late August until the autumn.

Bush roses fall into two broad categories – large flowered or Hybrid Teas and cluster flowered, or Floribundas. The only difference between them is the number and shape of the flowers.