HerbaceousmixA few purchases can be a struggle to get into a car! However most of our trees are amongst the largest items that we sell and the record is held by a Mini Metro that left the garden centre with 16 trees in the back! We would not recommend this.

We provide a weekly local delivery service [more frequent at peak times].

Currently deliveries are made on Thursdays with a Land Rover and large box trailer.

Most deliveries are restricted to a 15 mile radius from Cleeve Nursery and charges range from £3.50 to £20.00. Beyond our 15 mile radius we charge £17.00 plus £1.95 per mile [both ways]. Due to traffic and parking issues any deliveries within the Bristol City limits are £20.00

A definitive map is displayed next to the checkout and shows exactly which charges are applicable to which delivery address.


The Small Print


Tonandrcb_000We will deliver all items, where physically possible, to your garden or nearest kerb side access – if steps are involved/access is through a house/involves narrow paths or alleyways.

Regrettably, we often can not stipulate a time of delivery since we route our deliveries to avoid back tracking and endeavour to deliver in the most cost effective way.

Most of our deliveries are made during the day when no-one is at home to accept the delivery and, in 30 years, this has worked well.

We do not require a signature on delivery but the goods become to responsibility of the purchaser as soon as we have made delivery.

Please report any shortages or any product or plant that you are unhappy with within 24 hours.

Our delivery driver is skilled at deliveries and driving but he is not an experienced trained gardener so it is unlikely that he will be able to give you advice on your garden!