Talks & Demos

Talks and Demonstrations


AandFheadsA regular programme of talks and demonstrations are provided throughout the gardening year both at Cleeve Nursery and throughout the South West Region.

Talks and demos are generally given by either Alan Down or by Felicity Down who are both very experienced and knowledgeable speakers on a very wide range of subjects.

Both Alan Down and Felicity Down have extensive experience of addressing large or small audiences and draw on their experience as former garden TV presenters [HTV Garden Calendar] and garden expert slots on BBC Radio Bristol and other commercial radio stations.

Here are a few of the illustrated subjects that are available- all year round colour, new varieties, plants that give value, plants for the flower arranger, specialist plants such as Hellebores and Magnolias, container grown vegetables, gardens for wildlife, unusual climbers, how to make gardening easier for the elderly, foliage plants, climbing plants, attractive bark and many many more!

Here are a few talks coming up


Practical Demonstrations


Diggerandcomp_003Many of the demonstrations cover seasonal topics and include – growing in containers, planting hanging baskets, growing Hellebores, growing bulbs in pots and Christmas decorations.




RHS Partnership Events at Cleeve


RHSlogo_001Cleeve Nursery has been a ‘RHS Recommended Event’ partner organisation with The Royal Horticultural Society [RHS] for many years and puts on two regional events for the North Somerset and Bristol area.

We are running a couple of events for the Royal Horticultural Society in 2018.


RHS – Keeping Hens in the Garden by Charlotte Popescu


Hen, cockerel, chicken, garden, fowl, ‘Keeping Hens in the Garden’- a talk by Charlotte Popescu on 5th March 2018 at 7.30pm.

Keeping poultry in the garden is on the increase. What are the challenges and how can the needs of the poultry and the garden be met without too many compromises?

The talk on Keeping Hens is for beginners or anyone interested in chickens with powerpoint presentation which lasts just under an hour followed by a question and answer session.

The illustrated talk will include info on where to buy and cost of hens, housing, feeding, management and how hens like to spend their day, breeds, eggs, health, predators and cockerels, broody hens and raising chicks.

Charlotte writes for the Country Smallholding, Your Chickens and Grow Your Own magazine.

Charlotte has written four books which are ‘Hens in the Garden’; ‘Best Hens for You’  – Choosing Breeds for the Garden; ‘Chicken Runs and Vegetable Plots’ and [we love the title of this one!] ‘Chickopedia’!

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Tickets available in advance – register your interest here please.

RHS – ‘Wild Bees of Britain’ by Steven Faulk


‘Wild Bees of Britain’ by Steven Faulk – Tuesday 27th March at 7.30pm in Box Tree Cafe at Cleeve Nursery


Steven Falk BSc ARCS FRES is a real expert on this subject and comes to us highly recommended from a talk that he gave to our friends at University of Bristol Botanic Garden.

He formerly worked for the Nature Conservation Trust and is an absolute expert in this subject!

He’s an entomologist, artist and photographer so he is certain to know his subject! He has written the ‘Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland’

He is also the 2012 winner of the Royal Entomological Society Marsh Award for Insect Conservation.

We are grateful to our main specialist wildlife product supplier Wildlife World for partially sponsoring this event.

Tickets will be available in advance closer to the date but please register an interest in the meantime and get this date in your dairy!