Short Growing Evergreen Bushes and Shrubs

Short Growing Evergreen Shrubs and Plants


Euonberg_000There is no shortage of low growing evergreen shrubs and plants to provide attractive ground cover.

These are plants and shrubs that can be planted under taller shrubs and trees or on steep banks where mowing would be difficult or dangerous. They are also the perfect answer to gardens subject to open planning restrictions.

Low growing shrubs and plants are so much better for wildlife than a lawn and far better than hard surfaces and gravel for wildlife and the environment.

Careful selection and the minimum of attention can provide your garden with a low maintenance but attractive option.


Short Growing Evergreen Scented Shrubs and Plants


pittottSome short shrubs and plants produce delightful strong scent.

Plant Sarcoccoca for late winter scent.

Plant Pachysandra, Rosmarinus prostratus and Pittosporum Tom Thumb for spring scent.



Ground Hugging Evergreen Shrubs and Plants


heuchMany evergreen shrubs and plants will hug the ground and create a complete weed suppressing carpet.

Plant Heathers, low Hebes, Bergenia, Euonymus Emerald ‘n Gold and Emerald Gaiety, prostrate Junipers and Cotoneaster dammeri in sunny or part sunny places.

Plant Pachysandra, Epimedium, Heuchera, xHeucherella, Tiarella, Vinca and Carex if shaded.


Low Evergreen Shrubs and Plants


RosemaryTypically growing to around knee high, low growing evergreen shrubs and plants are still low growing but remain neat and compact.

Plant short growing Hebe, Euonymus, Erysimum, Viburnum davidii, Cistus, prostrate Rosemary, Pittosporum Tom Thumb and Nandina Firepower in sun or part sunny places.

Plant Euphorbia, Sarcoccoca and Euonymus Emerald ‘n Gold and Emerald Gaiety in shady places.


Low Evergreen Shrubs and Plantsfor Wildlife


Low growing and ground hugging shrubs and plants create great habitat for wildlife.

Many plants are good for attracting and feeding butterflies and bees. Plant Erysimum [perennial wallflower], Sarcoccoca, heathers, Ajuga, Rosemary, Hebe, Cotoneaster and Epimedium.

Low growing shrubs and plants create shelter for many bugs that provide food for birds. Wrens and dunnocks will use this kind of planting for shelter.


Low Evergreen Shrubs and Plantsfor Foliage


NandinaFirepMany short growing plants have great texture without flowers.

Evergreen ferns and Carex grass are good choices for moist shady areas. Milium effusum aureum grass will provide a splash of gold!

Low growing grasses such as Festuca glauca and Liriope [technically a lily rather than a grass] create neat dense low ground cover for sunny places.

Nandina domestica Firepower and Viburnum davidii both have bold striking leaves and the Nandina turns a gorgeous rich red colour in autumn.