Summer and Autumn Flowering Heathers

heathers, calluna, heath, plants, cleeve nurserySummer and Autumn Flowering Heathers are easy to grow provided that you give them the right conditions in which to grow.

These conditions are well drained lime free soils in full sun.

Heathers are extremely hardy and will withstand very low temperatures without being harmed.

Garden varieties of summer and autumn flowering heathers have often been found growing wild on the high moors of Britain. From there they have been propagated, given a name and made available to gardeners.




The majority of summer and autumn flowering heathers are Calluna vulgaris varieties but there are some Erica and Daboecia varieties too.

heather, calluna, erica, plantThese heathers will not tolerate free lime in the soil and so they need soils that have a low pH. A value of below 6.5 pH is desirable and this might need to be created by making raised beds filled with suitable soil. However, these heathers grow extremely well in containers filled with Ericaceous [lime free] compost.

Summer and autumn flowering heathers can be planted close to or in the same container as other lime hating plants such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas.

heather, erica, calluna, heath, plantFor best effect these heathers should be planted en masse and it is advisable to plant a group of the same variety together so that they grow into one another to create a bold effect.

Densely planted heathers will provide low maintenance ground cover where all that is needed is to give them a light trim with a pair of shears when blooms fade. This keeps growth neat and compact.

Many varieties of summer and autumn flowering heathers have brightly coloured gold, orange or even grey foliage. This means that, even when not flowering,  summer and autumn flowering heathers are an attractive addition to the garden.

Many plants look good with these heathers. Traditionally, conifers were planted with them but now they are often planted with alpines, ornamental grasses and with hardy herbaceous perennial plants!