Summer Bulbs from Cleeve Nursery – Planting Summer Bulbs for Sale

spring78Dahlia plants are back in fashion!
Roots are available from February until April. A greater range of established Dahlia plants in pots are available in summer, many from Cleeve Nursery’s own nursery. Dramatic large flowered, ‘hot’ and pastel colours, cut flower and border varieties; these are all available.

Gladioli corms are sold from February to April. They are easy to grow and give vertical height to borders but also fantastic cut flowers for the house. Make sure that they are planted into good soil, fed well and never short of water for long. Plant about 8cm (3″) deep but lift the corms in autumn and store in a frost free place. Hardy Gladiolus byzantinus also available.

Canna roots and pot grown plants are available from February through summer. Their tall flowers and often brightly coloured leaves make these spectacular border plants. Plant in rich soil with plenty of moisture in a warm sunny spot and protect the roots from frost in winter.

Lily bulbs are available from February through to early summer. The later ones are grown by Cleeve Nursery to sell in pots. Popular varieties are offered such as pink Stargazer, scented Regale and gorgeous white Casablanca. Deep English made Yorkshire Flower pots, suitable for lilies, are available too. To combat lily beetle, Cleeve Nursery can also supply Provado Bug Killer.

Begonia corms are available from February to April. KinderGarden baby plants of the very popular ‘Million Kisses’ range and Super Cascade Begonias are available from February to early April. Larger plants of trailing and Non-Stop Begonia plants are sold from April until June. All these begonias make spectacular and reliable flowering plants for hanging baskets, window boxes and for pots. Begonia are happy in sun, part sun and in shade. Protect the corms from frost in winter or start afresh with new and perhaps new colours too!