Compost, Soil & Mulch



compost54Compost to a gardener means two things.
The first is plant matter that has been decomposed and can be recycled as a fertilizer, mulch or soil amendment. Compost containers and accelerators, such as Garotta, are always available to help with recycling.

The second is a kind of medium in which we grow plants. Seed, potting, multi-purpose, bulb, lime-free [ericaceous] and peat free compost are the most popular ones and all are available at Cleeve Nursery.

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Cleeve Nursery Multipurpose Own-Brand Compost


cleeve nursery, compost, multipurposeIt contains added soil and bark fines to reduce the peat content, so you have a better compost. This is a multipurpose compost mixed to our own recipe and gives exceptional results. Expect to find that our Cleeve Nursery Multipurpose is coarser than others and this is why it grows an excellent roots system!

Simply, use the compost we use. We know it works!


Cleeve Nursery Compost Tea


AlanandCTCleeve Nursery was the first retail outlet in the UK to supply amateur gardeners with freshly brewed Compost Tea. This natural way of micro-feeding plants, so that they remain healthy and disease free, has been practiced since 2004 on all our plants with significant environmental impact savings.

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Grow Bags


New Horizon Organic, peat free growbag  Grow-bags are an easy way to provide the right compost for your tomato plants.

However, they can be used for growing far more than tomatoes! Strawberries, peppers, beans, lettuce, herbs and even flowers will grow in them.



Gro-Sure, Fruit, Vegetable, planter, grow, bagGrow-Sure planters are ideal for patio gardens and even balconies. These are extra large volume and make it easier and more productive to grow plants when compared to the standard grow bag.

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J. Arthur Bowers Composts


compost, peat free, new horizon, J Arthur BowersJ. Arthur Bowers composts have been market leaders for many years!

These are the best peat free and soil based growing composts on the market!

Gardening Which? magazine has rated New Horizon multi-purpose composts as the best on many occasions.

This is an English company that is making compost under strictly monitored and controlled conditions.

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Melcourt Sylva Grow Compost


Sylva Grow compost, dirt, soil, bark. peat freeMelcourt Sylva Grow compost is completely peat free and produced nearby in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

This genuinely sustainable compost has been trialed by commercial growers prior to being recently been made available to amateur gardeners.

It is a carefully blended mix of high quality bark fines which leads to an excellent root system.

This compost has the approval and ratification of the Royal Horticultural Society.




Logs, Charcoal and Fuels

We stock a seasonal range of logs, charcoal and fuels.

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