Garden Tools

Garden Tools


gardeningtoolsWhatever your garden needs, you will find the right product at Cleeve Nursery in a range to suit all pockets, and you can be sure that we stock only the best – trusted and famous brand names, such as Moulton Mill, Kent and Stowe, Felco, Burgon and Ball, Haws and Hozelock.

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Kent and Stowe


A comprehensive range of quality, value-for-money tools, ideal for everyday gardening tasks.

This is a full range of carbon steel tools. Spades, forks, rakes, hoes and a complete range of hand tools as well – you’ll find what you need with this garden tool range.

With ash handles all tools are strong but light weight.

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fiskarsFiskars tools will be better known to many gardeners as the former Wilkinson Sword brand! Fiskars now make excellent mid-priced pruners [secateurs] which we stock. Other Fiskars tools can be bought to order but are not held in stock.

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felcoThe Swiss company, Felco is renowned as the finest manufacturer of cutting implements, and their secateurs are considered the best in the world. The company was set up in 1945, manufacturing long-handled pruners but their secateurs are the first choice of gardeners and commercial growers throughout Europe.

We stock the full range of secateurs and have demonstration models to try out.

Felco secateurs make a very special and long lasting gift for a gardener and are backed up by a long guarantee and a repair service.

Felco secateurs are the ones that we use!

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Burgon and Ball


burgonandballBurgon and Ball began manufacturing in 1730, in Sheffield, producing sheep shears. Today they are the largest manufacturer of sheep shears in the world, and are also at the leading edge of garden tool and accessory innovation & design – in recent years launching some of the best received new products in the industry.

We stock a large selection of their garden tools and topiary shears, many of which make great gifts for gardeners!

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Moulton Mill


cleancutWe stock the full range of these strongly made stainless steel traditional garden tools.

Spades, forks, rakes, hoes and a full range of hand tools as well – we have it covered with this garden tool range.

Moulton Mill garden tools are a delight to use and, because of they are made from stainless steel, a delight to use and keep clean.

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hawsA Haws spokesman told us “if you want perfection in the garden, there are some things you just have to own. A Haws watering can is one of them. You might say that it’s only a watering can but it is beautiful and very stylish. They are the kind of cans you just have to own if you’re in any way serious about gardening. A Haws can is one of those gifts, whether you buy it for yourself or for somebody else, that will delight for years and years”.

We stock a vast range of Haws watering cans and love ’em! Well with a watering can as a logo and a vast historical collection of old cans in our 200+ year old shop we would have to wouldn’t we!

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hozelockJust like Haws, it is hard to imagine gardening without Hozelock products!

We have a comprehensive range of their hoses, hose accessories, trollies and connections and sprayers, in fact all you need to move water in the garden!

The people at Hozelock, are proud of their range, developed over half a century to help gardeners to get the most from their involvement in their gardens. A British company, Hozelock developed the world’s first plastic hose connector – the Hoze-Lock, and has gone on to be a global garden equipment manufacturer, exporting to more than 60 countries and winning prestigious awards. However, over 75% of their products are still made in Britain.

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Water Butts


waterbuttGardeners, being in touch with nature, are more inclined to be concerned about ecological matters, and so there has been a huge demand for water butts of late. Not only does collecting rainwater for watering plants mean that you are not using expensively treated tap water, but plants prefer it because rainwater doesn’t contain the chemicals involved in that treatment.

Harcostar water butts are always in stock and sizes start from just 20 gallons and go up to 75 gallons. Of course, if you want to store more, we have kits to link several together!

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wheelbarrowsAt Cleeve Nursery, we understand that one kind of wheelbarrow cannot be right for every user, situation or job. We tend to find lightweight but strong wheelbarrows are easier to use. Many are plastic bodied without loosing the strength that is needed to give long life.

We carry a range of wheelbarrows and are happy to advise you on your purchase, but here are some aspects you might like to consider.

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